Eye-catching resume template

eye-catching resume template

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your basic resume when you send it off to a company? You may think that it goes directly to the employer you want to work for, but it usually doesn’t. Instead, it goes to a company, agency, or outsourced recruiter. The recruiter has the power to dump your resume in the garbage or give you an interview. They can shortlist you with praise, meet you, and get you in front of the hiring manager or dump you into a corporate slush pile. They are the gatekeeper, and their job is to surf through the multitude of applicants to find the few they will contact. Because they don’t know you yet, they have only one way to evaluate you and decide if you get the interview.

They all have their little quirks and personal opinions about resumes, making it all seem arbitrary and luck-driven. When you talk to one alone, it looks as though they evaluate resumes by feel, by their gut. But when you talk to many recruiters, you begin to realize that there are patterns in their opinion. If you speak with enough of them and ask enough questions, you start to find that there are unsaid rules that they all silently follow in choosing which resumes will get the interview.

Recruiters are frustrated by the poor quality of the average resume. Only 5% of resumes submitted to top companies are considered excellent. People don’t seem to get it! The challenge is that while great recruiters know exactly what they want to see and how they want to see it, it’s not their job to help you fix your resume!

The resume template in front of you will help you get the attention you need from a potential employer. The template will highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses through a well-thought-out structure and design.

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