Executive assistant resume template

Executive assistant resume template

Download executive assistant resume template and customize it


If your resume can’t pass the “12-second scan” test, you might as well not have a resume! If you think that’s a bit harsh, imagine the typical hiring manager sipping a cup of cold, stale coffee while barely glancing at the 50th resume she’s pulled from the stack on her desk.

Like most of the others, it too:

  • It contains typos and misspellings
  • Uses weak, passive language
  • It doesn’t emphasize the job candidate’s real strengths and abilities (or highlights the wrong ones)
  • Over qualifies or under qualifies them for a position
  • Draws attention to weak areas, like frequent job changes or a lackluster career progression
  • Includes any of the dozens and dozens of other common resume blunders that can sink their chances of ever getting an interview, let alone a job!

Of course, she tosses it in the “shredder” pile. Then along comes number fifty-one yours, and her eyes light up. She unconsciously takes in the clean, uncluttered template and easy-to-read fonts. Finally, her eyes are drawn to the bulleted list of accomplishments and logical progression of work history.

The 12 seconds she planned to spend scanning it turns into a minute, then two. Finally, she places your resume on top of the much shorter “A-list” pile with a smile. That’s the kind of results you can achieve with the resume template presented on the current page.

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