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Career Objective:

Environmental specialist with nearly 8 years of experience of monitoring accident prevention policy procedures and maintaining safe working methods. Excellent technical and project management skills to handle different projects and responsibilities. Highly motivated individual who provides innovative and creative solutions.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of energy conservation and sustainable products
  • Passion for environment and reducing environmental impact
  • Ability to work efficiently in team
  • Good physique and high stamina for fieldwork projects
  • Excellent observational and investigative skills
  • Proficient in using computer applications and software like GIS mapping, Cybertracker to track animal and bird movements
  • Ability to evaluate environmental systems and present its analysis
  • Highly organized and independent problem solver who can come up with innovative and quick solutions

Work Experience:

Lead Environmental Specialist

Simpson LLC, Oroville, CA

May 2015 – Present

  • Fostering innovative methods that raised the community health by 25%
  • Conducting research-oriented lab operations by using leaching process
  • Reviewing incident reports from team and discussed on possible corrective actions
  • Organizing training sessions for all new recruits to make them comfortable with followed safety procedures and ensured they develop the required skills
  • Collaborating with organizations having similar visions to identify the invaded ecosystems and monitoring the affected species
  • Analyzing available biological data to understand the relationships between organisms and surroundings as well as raised awareness about exotic species

Environmental Scientist

Cuppa Technologies, Oroville, CA

July 2013 – April 2015

  • Developed internal environmental and safety audit programs
  • Planned and organized on site inspections and field visit
  • Trained a group of 10 junior environmental scientists
  • Actively participated in devising methods for evacuating people from endangered zones
  • Performed laboratory tests on collected samples of organic and inorganic matter
  • Studied contaminated samples and prepared reports on them

Assistant Environmental Specialist

Stevens Point, Oroville, CA

August 2010 – June 2013

  • Reviewed, updated and developed different environmental safety programs
  • Helped senior management to design hazardous waste treatment program
  • Interacted with health care professionals to conduct workshops for health and safety of local citizens
  • Collaborated with Human Resource professionals to create compensation and injury claims for workers
  • Made partnership with third parties as per program or project need

Fieldwork Assistant

Focus Environmental Consultants, Oroville, CA

January 2008 – July 2010

  • Wrote initial reports after recording fieldwork observations
  • Designed water flow monitoring equipment to be used in environmental assessments
  • Performed analysis on results obtained from water flow monitoring equipment
  • Updated records and extracted needful information using computer interfaced system
  • Collected samples of potable water, ground water and soil waste water by following a standard procedure

Volunteer Experience

  • Conservation Volunteers2010 – Present

    Active Member of Environmental Protectors Group which conducts educational programs to raise awareness about global warming and water resource management

  • Volunteered to work for ‘Save the Elephants’ Initiative – 2012


  • Masters in Biodiversity Conservation

    ABC University, Oroville, CA

    Thesis: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment



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