Environmental Test Engineer Resume

Career Summary:

Passionate Environmental Test Engineer with exceptional abilities in formulating and implementing unique and innovative solutions to mitigating environment issues as well as protecting, preserving, and sustaining the environment. Outstanding interpersonal skills to coordinate with the engineering team, local, state, and federal authorities for facilitating and expediting projects. Experienced in drafting and presenting comprehensive environmental reports. Expertise in analyzing and optimizing the quality, durability, and safety of water supply systems.

Summary of Skills:

  • Specialist in planing and implement water treatment systems along with necessary construction and development
  • Strong imagination, analytical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding reading, writing, and coordinating skills
  • Experienced in planning and applying innovative techniques for wastewater treatments
  • Detail-oriented, team leader, and outgoing personality
  • Ability to work in office, outdoor, and with people from a wider discipline
  • Strong knowledge of current environment norms set both by state and federal governments
  • Remarkable understanding of structural dynamics and vibration test equipment operation

Work Experience:

Environment Test Engineer
Highwater Company, Prospect, OH
March 2015-Present

  • Studying and providing guidance on safety regulations for testing stages
  • Coordinating with the team members for ensuring environmental compliance and detailing project costs
  • Reviewing designs and test plans and ensuring zero potential hazards in applying them
  • Planning and conducting regular inspections on environment and safety regulations
  • Drafting test reports and other documentation for environmental approval
  • Conducting site visits with a team of engineers and drafting plans for mitigating hazards

  • Identified potential environment impact and prepared technical reports
  • Processed, examined, and disseminated available environment data to concerned authorities

Environment Test Engineer
Brian & Matt Company, Prospect, OH
August 2013-February 2015

  • Assessed and prepared reports on environment impact due to the local and industrial plants
  • Drafted environment plans and initiated environment actions by coordinating with the local, state, and federal agencies
  • Produced technical data by conducting field visits and testing impact of construction on the environment
  • Utilized outstanding communication skills for getting approval from local, state, and federal agencies
  • Ensured and maintained high-level of accuracy data integrity
  • Assessed and enhanced the quality and efficiency of water supply systems
  • Oversaw and made necessary changes in the design and implementation of wastewater treatment

Environment Test Engineer (Junior)
ABC Global Engineering, Prospect, OH
June 2010-July 2013

  • Assisted in planning, developing, and experimenting on water supply system models or prototypes
  • Evaluated and enhanced test procedures and test specifications by engineering staff
  • Assessed quality standards, and environment standards on wastewater treatment systems
  • Evaluated performance of equipment and maintained records of the same
  • Read, interpreted, and recommended changes in the design of water supply and wastewater treatment systems
  • Worked under the guidance of senior environment engineers and conducted on-site evaluation of construction and compliance with applicable standards


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environment Engineer
    Prospect University, Prospect, OH


  • Professional Engineer
    The American Society of Environmental Engineering, Prospect, OH


  • Certified Professional Environment Test Engineer
    American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, Prospect, OH


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