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Career Objective:

Looking for an environmental consultant position at a reputed environmental consulting firm to help clients in conforming with the environmental regulations and keeping away from the legal intricacies.

Summary of Skills:

  • Vast knowledge of environmental issues and consulting

  • Skilled in assessing geological and chemical impact on environment

  • Knowledge of the process necessary for securing environmental permit

  • Expert in working with measuring device and other equipments used in land survey

  • Ability to study and draft reports on air and water quality

  • Strong communication, training, and auditing skills

  • Skilled in identifying and testing potential environmental hazards

Work Experience:

Environmental Consultant

Tenet Engineering Consultants, Houston, TX

October 2014 – Present

  • Helping clients on environmental issues by providing advisory services and expert assessment

  • Helping in reducing harmful impact of industrial and commercial ventures on the environment

  • Performing comprehensive audits for evaluating current environmental policy and management systems

  • Conducting survey of site and the nearby areas to measure environmental contamination

  • Designing and using efficient systems and processes to reduce environmental damage

  • Ensuring the reworked environmental policies and procedures are in line with the environmental regulations

  • Working with project managers and providing theme technical support

  • Preparing air quality reports and helping clients in understanding air quality issues

Environment Consultant

Premier Environmental Consultants, Houston, TX

February 2013 – September 2014

  • Provided advisory services in maintaining conformance with the environmental regulations

  • Developed and offered training on environmental compliance to employees working on site

  • Reviewed existing policy and made changes to comply with the latest environmental laws and regulations

  • Generated reports on air and water quality and inspection performed at work sites

  • Identified and tested possible hazards for environment and humankind and took measures for nullifying effects

  • Developed and monitored environmental sampling programs

  • Written and edited articles on environmental issues

Project Manager

URP Corporation, Houston, TX

July 2011 – January 2013

  • Offered training in DOT regulations and EPA

  • Offered health & safety administration services for clients

  • Developed needed plans for site safety, emergency response, contingency, etc. for the clients

  • Audited public schools and colleges for DOT, EPA and OSHA compliance

  • Arranged EPCRA reports for the clients

  • Supervised on-site work for quality control

  • Performed extensive inspections on site


  • Master’s Degree in Environmental Science

    ABC University, Houston, TX



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