Effective communication skills for resume

When compiling a resume, an applicant for a vacant position should not be limited only to a list of professional achievements, as well as information about existing work experience and education. For successful employment, it is important to correctly formulate that part of the resume where communication skills should be indicated.

What is communication skills?

Speaking of communication skills, we mean the ability of a person to build productive relationships with other representatives of society and objectively perceive the information transmitted by them. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the ability of an individual employee to interact fruitfully with his colleagues. Not only the psychological atmosphere in the team but also the success of the company as a whole depends on how well the employee has good communication skills.

Listening skills

The necessary quality for everyone who seeks successful interaction with others is the ability to perceive and interpret the information that comes from the interlocutor as accurately as possible. Many conflicts and misunderstandings could be avoided if each person was focused on what they were trying to convey to his consciousness.

Non-verbal communication

During the conversation, not only words are important, but also such means of communication as facial expressions, gestures. A lot means open, devoid of muscle clamping manner of self-control. To the best of an emotional person with expressive facial expressions makes people a good impression. To assess the positive qualities of the employee, it is necessary to establish psychological contact with him. With a clamped and shackled person, this is more difficult to do than with an emancipated person.

Clarity and brevity

Excessive talkativeness is good during a friendly conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. At work, you should adhere to the principle of the golden mean: you need to speak exactly as much as is required for the benefit of the common cause.


Maintaining a favorable psychological climate, it is important to radiate courtesy and goodwill towards colleagues. It will not be superfluous to show them your interest in their well-being. A man who is stingy with a smile and a kind word loses in many respects to a friendly and disposing colleague.


Everyone should learn to behave with dignity while avoiding self-confidence and arrogance. A person who has mastered this necessary skill does not need to raise his voice to make others listen to his opinion.


The ability to empathy involves the ability to relate to the feelings of the interlocutor with understanding. Demonstrating the importance of ourselves of the experiences of another person, we seek his confidence and can rely on frankness.


Often we enter into a dialogue, already having an established belief regarding the issues being discussed. To be objective, it is worth abandoning the prevailing stereotypes. One who can look at the situation from the position of the opponent is in a winning position, in contrast to the person unconditionally convinced of his rightness.


People want to be treated with respect. Do not underestimate the importance of such techniques as eye contact and the use of the name of the interlocutor during a conversation. Distracting from the essence of the conversation, we demonstrate our disregard for the opponent.


To increase the motivation of those with whom we work, you should provide feedback both in interpersonal communication and through phone calls, messages via e-mail. The effectiveness of such interaction is determined by its timeliness and objectivity.

Choosing the right environment

An important skill is the choice of a form of communication with colleagues or superiors. In some situations, a casual conversation is appropriate, while others suggest an official manner of communication. There are cases where it is permissible to transmit relevant information via e-mail. But it’s preferable to discuss individual issues face-to-face.

Here are the main communication skills that any hiring manager would like to see in the candidate’s profile. You can try to formulate them yourself. If there is not enough time and eloquence for this lesson, we recommend using a ready-made clean resume template. With it, it will be much easier to talk about existing communication skills and make a good impression on recruiters. To consolidate the success, it is necessary to hone the ability to properly interact with others every day after applying for a job.

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Effective communication skills for resume
When compiling a resume, an applicant for a vacant position should not be limited only to a list of professional achievements, as well as information about existing work experience and education.
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