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Career Objective:

Meticulous, highly competent and exceptionally well-organized Editor with over 7+ years of experience in proofreading/editing content, writing factual articles and ensuring relevant style/format according to the topic. Adept in identifying grammatical errors, using high vocabulary and good sentence formation to make the post interesting for readers. Ability to work well in a team with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • In-depth information about the publication procedures and ability to review manuscripts for doing necessary alterations or suggesting changes before finalizing drafts

  • Sound knowledge of performing extensive research to check factual content and purchase copyrights to avoid future controversies for specific news-related articles

  • Capable of identifying and fixing grammatical or punctuation errors, and checking content for relevance, spelling mistakes or plagiarism

  • Ability to create and pitch effective stories with eye-catchy titles and interesting content to keep the readers hooked till the end thus increasing subscribers

  • Expertise in fixing budgets, monitoring project work, and supervising content team to assist them in writing creative and unique content

  • Proficient in using MS Office, Google spreadsheet, plagiarism-checker tools and Adobe Illustrator software

  • Possess impeccable command over English and a sound understanding of grammar

  • Team player with excellent organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:


Tribune Media Company, Los Angeles, CA

December 2016 – Present

  • Managing the entire life cycle of journal articles from editing, submission to peer review for acceptance and preparing it for pre-press stage

  • Working closely with other chief editors, editorial boards, managing editors, authors, writers and content creators to complete project assignments within deadline

  • Reading the submitted manuscripts for identifying grammar/punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, and ensuring the author’s format is as per the company guidelines

  • Supervising various functions in the publication department such as editing of manuscripts, designing of front/back cover, and final draft selection

  • Pitching content of first-time authors in different publication houses and informing the client with figures related to budget, marketing and contractual agreements

  • Scheduling plans and distributing assignments to the writer team for posting the work on client’s social media sites

  • Understanding the target audience of the product and ensuring reader engaging content for articles, blog posts, newspaper columns, etc.

Assistant Editor

LexisNexis Inc., Los Angeles, CA

March 2013 – November 2016

  • Proofread articles and selected relevant photos to accompany topics for greater impact on readers

  • Collaborated with the team to conceptualize and pitch effective stories in the company’s weekly editorial by conducting extensive research or interviewing concerned sources

  • Worked with the content creator team to write articles and carried out basic proofreading before submitting assignments to the chief editor

  • Oversaw the assignments given to freelance writers

  • Wrote articles on requested topic by performing appropriate research, and included relevant images to make it look visually appealing

  • Assisted the content team in creating creative, reader-engaging or competitive stories to increase the audience and generated 33% profit for two consecutive years

  • Maintained accurate spreadsheet about the published articles


Editorial Intern

St. Martin’s Press, Los Angeles, CA

August 2011 – February 2013

  • Assisted in writing, editing, and finalizing article content on various topics for monthly magazines

  • Coordinated with the content team to identify trending topics and prepared a list of titles for distributing it to the writers’ team

  • Collaborated with the newspaper section of the company to transcribe sport player interviews on game days to give accurate information to the readers

  • Performed proofreading of the assigned articles to make the topic free from grammatical or spelling errors

  • Took responsibility to perform fact checking of the included figures in an article to avoid controversies from the concerned individual, organization or community

  • Reviewed and edited assignment from the assigned writers to identify and fix format mistakes as per the genre of the topic

  • Performed adequate research to give accurate details of major political events while drafting concise articles for the press

  • Assisted writers with their queries and motivated them to write informative articles by providing proper guidelines for the subject


Bachelor’s Degree in English

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA



On request.