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Career Objective:

To work as a DNA Analyst with a private research laboratory where I can analyze the genetic origins of tissue samples and their properties that could help in testifying against criminals in the court proceedings.

Summary of Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of different branches of science and tissues sample analysis
  • Proficient in using computer, and scientific laboratory equipment
  • Skilled in communicating with staff and law personnel
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and report drafting skills
  • Ability to inspect crime scene and collect evidence
  • Skilled in interviewing witnesses and collecting information

Work Experience:

DNA Analyst
Signature Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA
September 2013 – Present

  • Collecting specimens from crime scene investigating officer in the form of skin tissues, hair follicles, nails, saliva, blood, bones, etc. samples to conduct DNA analysis test
  • Ensuring accurate identification of lives lost in accidents or natural calamities using updated DNA analysis technology
  • Testifying in legal proceedings by conducting DNA tests and settling court disputes concerning parenting or family relationships
  • Responsible to ensure safe and successful analysis of the collected samples for DNA testing
  • Ensuring integrity with the test findings, reports and all matters of confidential nature

DNA Analyst
ABC Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA
April 2012 – August 2013

  • Ensured compliance of the research activities with the applicable standards, principles, protocols and measures.
  • Conducted research activities to decipher the unique genetic code in human body to provide natural immunity against diseases or disorders
  • Collected DNA samples from different plant materials and analyze them as per the requirements of the project
  • Trained different students with their summer projects, on DNA specifications, methodologies and use in modern times


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology
    Matrix University, Los Angeles, CA


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