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Career Objective:


To work efficiently and lead the workforce with discipline and innovation to take the organization towards success

Summary of Experience and Skills:

  • 10+ years experience of working as a digital strategist
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong experience and knowledge of new marketing techniques and innovative marketing strategy
  • Strong knowledge and experience in project management and project planning
  • Good team building and team management abilities
  • Creative use of knowledge of web applications and various platforms
  • Ability to meet deadlines effectively

Professional Experience:

Mango Technologies, New York

January 2006 – Present

Digital Strategist


  • Analyzing the market conditions and client demands about the company’s product
  • Analyzing current marketing strategy and client communication strategy
  • Making changes and developments in marketing strategy of a company to make the marketing campaign successful
  • Introducing innovative marketing tactics and techniques in the process of development of digital marketing strategy
  • Creatively using social media and social networking for digital marketing purpose
  • Keeping constant tab on the market conditions
  • Making recommendations to the development team in improvement of quality of a product according to client needs and changing market conditions using the newest techniques and technologies
  • Analyzing client interaction and client support techniques of the support teams (product support, customer support, etc.,), and suggesting improvements accordingly
  • Ensuring correct and precise documentation of communication strategy, product development strategy, product support strategy, proposals, etc.
  • Planning & conducting internal meetings about critical issues and changes. Planning & conducting meetings with clients
  • Educating clients about the company’s product and its use
  • Preparing strategies to generate new business from new and old customers


  • 50% increase in the company’s profit for the year 2011-2012 despite the effect of recession
  • Achieved the Best Employee award for the year 2010-2011

Pineapple Technologies, New York

January 2002 – December 2005

Digital Marketing Strategist


  • Design marketing plan and strategies according to market conditions and the client’s needs
  • Using various marketing techniques for marketing such as online branding, SEO, etc.
  • Using social networking and the web for marketing the products of the company
  • Analyzing current digital marketing plan and design and make changes according to market conditions and client needs
  • Documentation of the digital marketing strategy
  • Ensure effective client communication through web about digital strategy and improvement in products
  • Planning and conducting meetings with the customers

Educational Qualifications


  • Master of Science in Integrated Marketing from New York University
  • Certificate in Digital Media Marketing from New York University



  1. Robert Black

    Managing Director

    Mango Technologies,

    New York, USA

  2. Creig Smith

    Director – Marketing

    Pineapple Technologies

    New York, USA

Every digital strategist has a slightly different role, so if you would be preparing your resume with the help of the above sample, your role as a digital strategist might be slightly different. We wish you luck for preparing your digital strategist resume.