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Career Objective:

Experienced and hardworking Digital Rights Manager looking forward to obtaining an opportunity with a reputed firm to apply my strong background for resolving copyright issues, and assisting in growth of the company.

Summary of Skills:

  • Complete knowledge of author/artist rights as well as ability to create term contracts for signing a bond with the company

  • Exceptional knowledge about rights management system, and legal procedures associated with copyright infringement

  • Expertise in watermarking documents with the artist information to help establish a distinguished identity

  • Adept at keeping a tab on websites, updating web pages, and monitoring hits for released audio/video content

  • Hands-on experience in using editing software for production, and a good understanding of digital analytics

  • Efficient multitasking abilities and capable of working in more than dozen projects on daily basis

  • Top notch organizational, and communication skills

Work Experience:

Digital Rights Manager

Viacom Pictures, Arcadia, CA

February 2016 – Present

  • Pitching, negotiating, and managing subsidiary rights for publishing partnerships by emphasizing international markets

  • Working closely with social and production management team on various projects to promote web series, and launching old yet popular series on television channels

  • Overseeing video content published across various social media platforms as well as reviewing number of hits

  • Researching innovative show concepts for pitching new talents, and coordinating shows

  • Handling submission of scripts for TV shows to producers, and acquiring film/TV rights for the story

  • Coordinating in legal proceedings, and supplying necessary support to the involved artists

Digital Rights Manager

Sony Music Entertainment, Arcadia, CA

October 2014 – January 2016

  • Supervised recording sessions in studio, ensured comfort level of popular artists during their tie-up with the company

  • Participated in monthly team meetings to resolve rights-related issues such as YouTube conflicts, third party claims, and artist disputes

  • Worked with the team to create tour plans by signing popular artists for stage performances, and added $34.5M to the revenue

  • Collaborated with digital marketing agency to promote artist songs/videos, or performances on social media pages, and promoted the brand using online advertising strategies

  • Conducted regular surveys and opinion polls to understand the audience taste, and get active feedback for improvement

  • Provided extraordinary level of support for internal department, artists, and media partners, rights-holders to ensure that content related issues are solved in minimum time

Digital Rights Executive

Sony Music Entertainment, Arcadia, CA

April 2013 – September 2014

  • Updated and maintained contractual and royalty information of the artists in the computerized database

  • Took responsibility to resolve royalty issues for veteran artists both in local and oversee Music Video Partners

  • Prepared contractual bonds for quarterly and semi-annual junior artists, and documented copyright statements for music producers, third-party and promoters

  • Gained knowledge about YouTube CMS, and implemented it with high-level of speed to complete the strict deadlines

  • Worked with senior management team to identify proactively rising issues, communicated roadblocks, and prepared reports on audience response to newly released audio/video content

Digital Content Associate

Havas Media, Monrovia, CA

September 2010 – March 2013

  • Coordinated with the team to develop user content for community forum, and initiated steps to remove inappropriate comments or posts

  • Designed website banners and newspaper advertorials that increased traffic of company’s website by 25%

  • Edited different versions of episodes using Adobe Illustrator, and other software before sending the finalized copy to senior management for approval

  • Initiated signing of contracts for performing artists in the show, and penalized artists or co-workers for improper conduct or breach of data

  • Spearheaded a team of 10 professionals to cover universities in the state for a live TV show on admission procedures


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Rights Management

    Mt. Sierra College, Monrovia, CA



On request.

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