Dentist resume template

dentist resume template

Download dentist resume template and customize it


Are you unsure about the design of your dentist’s resume? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Just download our dental resume template as a sample. The appealing design in gray, white, black, and blue gives a professional impression and is perfect for beginners and experienced applicants. Since the resume template is already finished, it saves you time and effort. Because you only have to download it and then enter your information in Word. Boost your chances of getting interviews by 70% and beat the competition.

How to make a dentist resume?

If you are aiming for an apprenticeship or are looking for a job, the resume gives your potential employer the first impression of you. It is, therefore, all the more important that your cover letter and resume are free of spelling or grammar errors.

But the formatting of your documents or the design of your resume portfolio is also of great importance. Your documents should be individually designed and tailored to your dream company. This is how you will probably make it to the long-awaited interview.

Prepare yourself for possible questions in advance and find out more about the company. Of course, you should also pay attention to suitable clothing. So your chances for the training of your choice are excellent.

Depending on the starting position you are in, the demands that are placed on you vary. An applicant fresh out of school and applying for training as a dentist will naturally have little or no practical experience. For someone who has already completed their training for a long time, is already working, and has possibly received further training, a completely different picture emerges, of course.

Write a winning resume: start writing your dentist resume

Personal information

What is personal information? Your name, contact information (email and phone number), your age, and where you live.

Title of your dentist resume

This title is not standard based on the norms around resume writing, but we believe that it is an excellent way to get you to stand out and describe to the employer who you are quick. You can use the title in your resume in the way you think suits you best. If, for example, you are looking for a job as a general dentist, you can either write “general dentist” as the title of your resume to clarify that you are looking for that particular job.

Alternatively, you can write something that makes you stand out and creates interest as “perhaps the sharpest general dentist.” As you can see, you can use the resume title a bit as you like and think is good. We have asked many recruiters about the title in the resume, and everyone thinks it is a good idea and something innovative.


Here you can fill in a summary about your previous career and where you want to be in the future. You can see this section as an abridged and highly summarized version of your cover letter. The purpose of this section is to give the employer a quick summary of why you are the right person for the job. You choose if you want to include this section in your resume. If you choose to include it, you should take the time to get a good summary that is interesting. Otherwise, this section can negatively affect your resume will be longer and not so clear.

Briefly about me

Here you have the opportunity to describe some easy personal information about yourself. For example, that you have a husband or wife and children. You can take up a hobby that you are passionate about or something else interesting that can capture the employer’s interest. But remember to stay very short, preferably just a few sentences. You have the opportunity to tell more about yourself at the job interview.


You should always include your education in your resume. Opinions about when in the resume they are to be printed differ from recruiter to recruiter. Your educations should come early in your resume if you have a degree from a university. Keep the section on education as short as possible.

Work experience

This is an essential part of your winning resume and a section on which you should spend a lot of time. This is where you have the opportunity, already in your modern resume, to show the employer that you are suitable for the job and have the right experience. You can choose to keep track of your previous jobs in different ways. Either list them out in chronological order with your current job first. Alternatively, select the previous employment you have had relevant to the job you are applying for and only list these.


Here you can either fill in the text “References are provided on request” or that you fill in the name of your reference, their position, and company.

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