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Career Objective:

Highly-professional and skilled Dental Technician with a solid experience in manufacturing and repairing a wide variety of dental appliances, including crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontic appliances. Possess good hand-eye coordination, verbal and written communication skills, team-working, organizational, and time-management skills along with the working knowledge of dental equipment and instruments.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of the process and procedures associated with the design, construction, and repair of variety of dental appliances

  • Skilled in using dental laboratory materials such as impression materials, hand tools, dental lathes, casting machines as well as laboratory instruments like articulators and surveyors

  • Ability to do precision work with hands and pay attention to even minute detail

  • Strong organizational skills along with the ability to complete every case within specified deadline

  • Ability to properly follow and understand dentists’ directions, and prescriptions as well as to work collaboratively with dental technician teams and produce high-quality result

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills to maintain good relations with dentists, and technician teams

  • Strong documentation skills along with the ability to conduct tests for improving product quality and performance

Work Experience:

Dental Technician

Spartan Dental Care, Los Angeles, CA

May 2017 – Present

  • Collaborating with dentists and other technicians to develop the design, application, and fabrication of dental prosthesis and variety of dental appliances such as crowns, veneers, partials, bridges, dentures, and orthodontics appliances

  • Collecting photos and impressions of patients for study models as well as following dentists’ prescriptions

  • Mounting casts in accordance with jaw relation records formed by dentists as well as fabricating impression trays, and bite registration appliances

  • Fabricating special acrylic teeth as well as arranging it in accordance with the cosmetic and biological requirements of each case

  • Creating perfect final form of dentures such as carving denture base in wax, de-flasking denture, and re-articualting for post-process adjustments, including polishing as well as performing repairs for existing dentures

  • Utilizing and maintaining cleanliness of dental laboratory materials, instruments or equipment such as impression materials, hand tools, lathes, furnaces, casting machines, waxes, metals, presses, articulators, and surveyors

Dental Technician

Oral Design Dentals, Los Angeles, CA

February 2015 – April 2017

  • Followed all the established procedures involved in the fabrication of removable prosthesis as well as various complicated appliances used to correct or treat dental irregularities

  • Supported the treatment needs of dentists by constructing routine full and partial dentures, dental splints, and model work for fixed prosthesis to replace partial or total loss of natural teeth

  • Poured the impressions as well as fabricated base plates, custom impression trays, and wax rims as per dentists’ specifications

  • Applied perfect waxing margin techniques as well as monitored casting progress regularly to check consistency of ceramic casting

  • Completed and maintained forms, reports, logs, and various records to document work performed as well as worked with other technicians in evaluating, and re-designing processes to improve quality results

  • Conducted performance reviews as well as regularly reported related issues, challenges or inconsistencies to management

Dental Technician Trainee

Ethos Dental, Los Angeles, CA

December 2013 – January 2015

  • Assisted senior technicians in fabricating and repairing dental prosthesis and dental appliances such as crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, and implant restorations

  • Fabricated dental restorations such as metal, porcelain, acrylic, composite, thermo-plastic and polyurethane

  • Constructed partial and full dentures as well as repaired, relined, and re-based existing dentures as required

  • Assisted in mounting articulated models on an articulator and recording bite relations as indicated as well as practiced using various hand tools and equipment such as presses, lathes, and high-heat furnaces

  • Stayed up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements as well as followed and maintained all established dental policies and procedures, including compliance with quality standard protocol


  • Associate’s Degree in Dental Technology

    Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA



On request.

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