Database Programmer Resume

Job Objective:

Motivated, competent, and experienced ‘Database Programmer’ seeking a senior position within an organization to use my expertise in database maintenance, SQL programming as well as technical support for maximum client satisfaction and for achieving company goals.

Summary of Skills:

  • In-depth information of modern relational database management system such as MS SQL SERVER, IBM DB2, Oracle and MySQL

  • Sound knowledge of C, C++, Java, SQL and deep understanding of relational databases

  • Capable of writing simple as well as complicated SQL queries to retrieve appropriate data from the database according to requirements given by client/business analysts

  • Expertise in maintaining an updated database as well as designing secure access and usage of project-related database tables

  • Expertise in modifying existing databases of the software applications as per clients’ requirements

  • Expertise in analyzing data, troubleshooting, and possess exceptional problem-solving attitude

  • Ability to work in a team, and interact with various personnel, client/users to solve database concerns using excellent communication skills


  • Operating Systems: Windows, DOS, Unix, Linux, Mainframe, MVS(IBM 3090)

  • Languages: Oracle 9i, SQL, T-SQL, SQL server 2000/2005, Access, RDBMS, C, C++, COBOL, Visual Studio, Visual Basics

  • Internet Languages: HTML, CSS, Perl, CGI, Java, JavaScript, FrontPage, Outlook

  • Utilities: Black box testing, ClearCase, SQL loader, Visual Source Safe, Robohelp, Photoshop, Web-Ex, MS-Project, Sabina, Ohio Visio, Wise Install Master 9

  • Hardware: IBM 3090, Citrix, HP 3000, Burroughs 2900

  • Database: SQL server 6.5/7, oracle7 and 9i, FoxBASE, SQL Express 2005, FoxPro, Crystal Report, paradox, Access

Work Experience:

Database Programmer

Decentrix, San Francisco, CA

October 2016 – Present

  • Performing duties related to importing data files provided by clients into the database and updating it on a regular basis

  • Attending client meetings to understand their requirements, and creating as well as implementing a customized database

  • Designing, developing, and executing SQL queries on relational databases to ensure it gets accurate results, and debugging program

  • Modifying existing databases according to client requirements, and identifying ways to solve database usage concerns to ensure confidentiality of end-user’s private data

  • Analyzing business requirements of the client project and programming appropriate automated scripts to provide end-user support as well as regular maintenance

  • Liaising with software developers to improve various applications, and interacting with end-users/client to solve doubts or concerns

  • Assisting to create technical documentation like application user manuals for clients, end-users as well as other company personnel for ease in operation of the product

Database Programmer

Johnson Technology Systems Inc., San Francisco, CA

December 2013 – September 2016

  • Collaborated with the team to design, write, and modify programs to improve application processing for online applications to client website and data transfers to internal database

  • Coordinated with the developer team for migration of databases between software versions, and synchronized data for different databases residing in different platforms

  • Designed, developed multiple client projects as per the needs, and established appropriate front-end/back-end connectivity to ensure proper querying and retrieval of data

  • Performed data maintenance, troubleshooting, and fixing of problems as well as handled duties related to data recovery post disaster

  • Participated in design, coding, testing, debugging, documentation and maintenance of application throughout the software development life-cycle to deliver quality software to clients

  • Worked under senior database developers to conduct activities for On-line Transaction Processing and On-line Analytical Processing design, implementing, troubleshooting, and performance tuning

  • Assisted to maintain system upgrades as well as data backups to maintain data integrity, and performed checks for quality assurance

Database Programmer (Entry-level)

Rethink Solutions Pvt. Ltd., San Francisco, CA

August 2011 – November 2013

  • Designed, constructed, and implemented database architecture for optimal data acquisition, maintenance and extraction of information according to application requirements, and specifications

  • Worked under the supervision of senior developer to develop logical and physical data models used in creation of databases

  • Provided database support by creating technical training manuals for end-users as well as other software teams to simplify processes and increase productivity

  • Created query structures, functions and procedures to support software application development, reporting, and data extraction

  • Developed simple as well as complex SQL and join queries for the project, and ensured retrieval of correct data from the database

  • Coordinated with the development team to modify existing database, and performed required tests to solve malfunctions

  • Attended team meetings to understand client’s projects and determined database suitable for project types


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

    University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering

    University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA



  • Oracle Certified Professional, 2014


On request

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