Data analyst resume template

data analyst resume template

Download data analyst resume and cover letter template and customize it


You are interested in big data, and have you always found statistics exciting? Then you might like the job of the data analyst. Prove you’re qualified by referring to our writing tips and data analyst resume template as you craft your application. Data analysts are sought-after professionals on the job market.

Job Description: what does a data analyst do?

The so-called data analyst is one of those professions that can be rated due to increasing digitization. The aim here is to evaluate the information collected and derive added value suitable for the company. The data sets are taken from a wide variety of areas. Because of these prerequisites, a data analyst can be used in a wide variety of ways. For example, marketing, information technology, and companies from the environmental sector can benefit from an expert in this area.

Companies in other industries are also increasingly dependent on clear data evaluation. In the age of digitization, data is a key success factor for companies of all sizes and industries. Specialists who can handle large amounts of data are accordingly in demand. The analysis and preparation of data, huge amounts of data is one of the essential activities in the steadily growing field of data science.

As a data analyst, the diversity of the professional world is within reach. The skills learned can be used in pretty much every industry and thus ensure variety for professionals. To learn this profession, however, special skills must be available or learned. Therefore, the right mix of education and personal qualities is the only foundation on which the data analyst profession can be optimally exercised.

How to write a data analyst resume?

A data analyst resume should gather your educations and work experience so that the reader, simply and clearly, gets a picture of your background. Here you get tips on what to think about when writing your data analyst resume.

Length and content

Your data analyst resume should not be longer than two A4 pages. If you do not have much experience, you can bring as much as possible of what you have done. If you have much previous experience, choose to include what is most relevant to the position you are applying for. Your resume must also contain your name and contact information. If you want, you can also include a suitable portrait image of yourself. Read through your resume before submitting it to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and that it is easy to read.

How to structure your resume

Your name and contact information should be visible on your modern resume, either header or first paragraph. Then you continue to present your educations and your work experience. After that, you can list other relevant experiences, such as non-profit involvement and language skills.

Certificates and other

Often the employer wants to see your grades and other certificates only if you are called for a job interview. Sometimes, however, it may be stated in the advertisement that the employer wants you to submit it together with your job application. Then you send in your diploma, graduation certificate from high school, work certificate, and certificate from non-profit assignments. You mustn’t send the documents in the original but as copies.


Leave your references directly in your resume. If you come to a job interview and the employer asks for your references, leave contact information for them then. Before the job interview, think about which people can be suitable as references and always contact them before giving out their contact information. People who can be suitable as references can be, for example, a former manager or colleague, the supervisor of your thesis, or a mentor.

We have developed this data analyst resume template for what a resume can look like. You can use this as a starting point when you compile your resume.

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