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Career Objective:

To obtain a criminal investigator position with the state crime department and use my experience in investigation crime and apprehending criminals to ensure faith of people in justice is prevailed.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of laws and regulations

  • Effective communication, leadership, and organizational skills

  • In-depth knowledge of criminal psychology and method of committing crimes

  • Excellent analytical, investigation, and problem solving skills

  • Experience in collecting evidence, coordinating with the lab, and case development

  • Skilled in crime scene taping, fingerprint lifting, and preserving evidence

  • Ability to present evidence and testify in the court

Work Experience:

Criminal Investigator

Fist Point Private Detective Firm, Omaha, NE

October 2014 – Present

  • Visiting crime scenes and collecting evidence for criminal cases

  • Tracking suspects through covert operations using latest tools

  • Collecting sold evidence against suspects and developing a strong base for their arrests

  • Contacting other external public and private agencies for collecting information on suspects

  • Assisting lawyers in filing cases and giving court testimony

  • Applying thoughts from all the angles and resolving cases in quick possible time

Criminal Investigator

Fox Detective Firm, Omaha, NE

February 2013 – September 2014

  • Conducted criminal investigations for clients and liaised with law enforcement agencies

  • Prepared reports based on investigation and lab reports on evidence

  • Lifted finger prints from crime scenes and contacted witness for further information

  • Motivated witnesses in divulging information and testify in the court

  • Collected background information on suspects from other states from where they migrated

  • Conducted covered surveillance operations and recorded suspicious activities of criminals


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

    ABC University, Omaha, NE



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