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Career Objective:

To obtain the position of contract compliance officer in your organization and utilize my law knowledge and legal skills in the smooth functioning of the organization

Educational Qualification

Master’s in Law, University of Gainesville, 2002

Bachelor’s in Accounting, University of Gainesville, 2000

Key Skills and Proficiencies

  • Experienced in interpreting civil right laws and opportunity regulations for employees as well as employers

  • Expert communicational skills with excellence in verbal as well as written communication

  • Ability to effectively investigate employment practices and suspected law violations

  • Expert in identifying complex problems and reviewing the related information

  • Knowledge about the legal codes, laws, court procedures, government regulations, and executive orders

  • Knowledge of business administrative principles involving strategic planning, labor relations, and compensation and benefits

  • Experienced in conducting surveys and evaluating any systematic discriminations

  • Expert in providing information and assistance to the employees regarding any labor laws


Labor Law Consulting Services

Gainesville, FL 32601

Designation: Contract Compliance

Duration: 2006 – Present



  • Interpreting the civil and labor right laws with providing equal opportunities to the employees as well as the employers

  • Investigating the labor employment practices and violation of laws and biased factors

  • Interacting with the person involved in the equal opportunity complaints in order to verify the case information

  • Coordinating and monitoring of complaint procedures to ensure timely processing and reviewing of complaints

  • Preparing and maintaining the reports of selection, survey, and recommendations for corrective actions

  • Developing the guidelines for non-discriminatory employment practices and further monitoring their impact and implementation

  • Training the supervisors, managers, and employees on various topics such as employee supervision, staff development, grievance procedures, and hiring

Labor Law Awareness Pvt. Ltd.

Gainesville, FL 32601

Designation: Contract Compliance

Duration: 2002 – 2006



  • Counseling newly hired members of disadvantaged groups and educating them about civil as well as labor rights

  • Reviewing the contracts of the company to determine the provisions to be made to meet the governmental equal opportunities

  • Meeting the new search committees and coordinators to educate them about the role of equal opportunities and provide resources for advertising

  • Consulting the community representatives to develop assistance agreements according to the governmental regulations

  • Ensuring whether all the job descriptions are submitted for review and approved before they are actually implemented

  • Act as a link between the minority placement agencies and employers/ job search committees

  • Participate in job fairs, career days, and advertising plans for the recruitment process of the employees

Personal Information

Name: Robert B. Wilson

Date of Birth: May 1, 1979

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: American

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