Conservation Officer Resume

Job Objective:

Searching for a job as a conservation officer with US Ecology Inc. where I can use my skills and experience in protecting fish and wildlife, patrolling outdoors, and curbing poaching.

Summary of Skills:

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to educate people and raise awareness about environmental and wildlife issues, and game law

  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills related to wildlife issues or potential conservation threats, like habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, invasive species, etc.

  • Good knowledge and experience of environmental, natural resources, and wildlife conservation principles, techniques and practices

  • Ability to handle abused or ill animals, patrol dangerous places, and confront armed suspects for violating fishing law, etc.

  • High organizational and time management skills to set or prioritize goals

  • Effective decision making skills under stressful and tough conditions

  • Knowledge of wildlife analysis with abilities to use GIS and remote sensing techniques

  • Strong attention to detail and multi-tasking skills

Work Experience:

Conservation Officer

The Nature Conservancy, Los Angeles, CA

September 2016 – Present

  • Patrolling assigned areas to detect, investigate, and control game law violations

  • Checking licenses and permits of hunters, anglers, and park visitors

  • Collecting and compiling data and biological activities for wildlife management strategies and resolving wildlife issues

  • Enforcing game and fish laws and other wildlife related regulations

  • Conducting environmental health education within the local community as assigned by the department

  • Operating and maintaining snowmobiles, boats and patrol vehicles

  • Enforcing safety regulations for hunting and fishing parties

Conservation Officer

National Audubon Society, Los Angeles, CA

June 2014 – August 2016

  • Enforced laws, rules and orders relating to wildlife, environmental protection, and public safety

  • Arrested violators of game law and presented them in the court

  • Provided assistance and support to other law enforcement agencies

  • Conducted various inspections and surveys for collecting data, and maintained reports on wildlife and environmental changes

  • Presented accurate data and reports to the Principal Planning Officer, and worked alongside with Senior Conservation Officer to optimize wildlife protection programs

  • Planned and supervised long-term wildlife and environment conservation projects and programs.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science

    University of California, Los Angeles, CA



On request.