Commercial Credit Analyst Resume

This is a sample resume for a commercial credit analyst. A commercial analyst is responsible for analyzing the commercial credits of the company. In addition, they work with banks and other lenders to determine their ability to repay loans and other company debts. Therefore, a commercial credit analyst should pursue a degree in accounting, finance, etc. In addition, they should have experience of sufficient number years in this field.

This sample resume of a commercial credit analyst is written to help you impressively write your simple resume quickly. You may use this resume sample of commercial credit analyst, which is written in an article and gives you a layout of objective, skills, experiences, education required by a commercial analyst.

Top Commercial Credit Analyst Skills

  • Collection Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Account Receivables
  • Credit Analysis
  • Compliance
  • Invoicing
  • Reconciling
  • Portfolio Management
  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Management

Commercial Credit Analyst Resume Sample

Keira Young
278 Street 78
Bude, US
Phone no.: (667) 878-3999
E mail id: [email protected]

Career goal

To work as a commercial analyst in an organization where I can use my skills and experience for taking vital decisions related to the credit analysis.

Summary of skills

  • Expertise in providing detailed reports and analyzing the financial conditions of the organization.
  • Good understanding of the business ethics and the issues related to the finance and credits issues of the organization.
  • Ability to make proper recommendations for the improvement of the company.
  • Excellent ability to communicate with the clients and understand their requirements.
  • Good understanding of the laws and implementing standard methods in the analysis.

Summary of education details

  • Completed Masters’ degree in Business Administration from Griffith Trobe University in the year 20XX with 92.90%.
  • Completed Bachelors’ degree in Finance from Northern New Castle University in the year 20XX with 96.00%.

Professional Experience

Southern Cross Corp.
Experience – 1 year (X/20XX – X/20XX)
Designation – Commercial credit analyst
Responsibilities –

  • Conduct and provide detailed analysis reports of the financial conditions of the prospective and present borrowers of the company.
  • Find ways to provide working capital to accelerate the economic growth of the company.
  • Conduct analysis on the credit risk and make profitable business.
  • Training the new commercial credit analysts to enhance their researching ability and to increase their knowledge.
  • Documenting the final reports generated after analysis.

Central Curtain Corp.
Experience – 2 years (X/20XX – X/20XX)
Designation – Commercial credit analyst
Responsibilities –

  • Analyzing the financial conditions, capacity, cash flow and the other related issues of the borrowers.
  • Work with the bank and other lenders to determine the ability of the business to repay the loans and other debts issued to the company.
  • Providing detailed reports to the higher authorities and assisting them in generating capital for growth.
  • Take proper decisions and implement new techniques in credit analysis.

Personal Details

  • Name – Keira Young
  • Date of birth- dd-mm-yy
  • Languages known – English, Chinese and Japanese
  • Marital status – Single
  • Hobbies – Collecting stamps and coins of various countries
  • Alternate E mail id: [email protected]


  • Owen Cook
  • Senior Commercial Credit analyst
  • Westward Corp.
  • Phone no.: (392) 889-5322
  • E mail id: [email protected]