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Career Objective:

Detail-oriented, highly knowledgeable, and competent ‘Clinical Pharmacist’ with over 5+ years of experience in reviewing patient prescriptions by medical practitioners, observing its effect to suggest alternative drugs, and dispensing appropriate medication to them. Capable of doing routine rounds to understand the effect of medication on patients and monitor them closely to identify new health issues or side-effects. Team player with exceptional computer, organization and interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess strong knowledge of different therapeutic procedures and drug prescribed for various types of ailments

  • Have a solid understanding of chemical composition of multiple drugs, drug interactions, possible allergies

  • Capable of working with various medical practitioners to monitor patient progress, and consult with them to take appropriate decision to modify the course of treatment as needed

  • Expertise in supervising pharmacy technicians for accurately dispensing drugs

  • Adept in interacting with patients and family members to explain the therapy course, and instructing on dosage intake

  • Proficient in maintaining updated patient database with doctor prescriptions, alternative medications, and coordinating with billing department to complete discharge formalities

  • Ability to work with team using excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Work Experience:

Clinical Pharmacist

Piedmont Medical Center, Grand Rapids, MI

October 2017 – Present

  • Serving as a clinical resource and drug information specialist to medical, pharmacy and nursing staff as well as to allied health-care providers both internally and externally as needed

  • Consistently reviewing patient’s medication profile to understand drug-effects, identify potential issues related to medication use, and interacting with consulting doctor to suggest changes in prescription

  • Developing patient care plan, and monitoring him throughout the drug course to ensure speedy recovery

  • Regularly communicating with physicians and other medical practitioners for suggesting alternative or modified drug therapy programs that are cost-effective as well as giving better results

  • Interacting with patient, family members, physician, nursing staff and other medical personnel of the health-care team regarding patient status, response to therapy and health condition outcomes

  • Coordinating with pharmacy technicians to ensure the most accurate medication is dispensed to patients in respective hospital units

  • Entering patient data and other medication information in medication center’s computerized system to ensure accurate as well as timely dispensing during his stay at the clinic, and including it in final bill

Clinical Pharmacist

Harnett Health System, Grand Rapids, MI

March 2015 – September 2017

  • Worked in patient care areas by optimizing patient medication therapies by monitoring drug selection, drug dosage, frequency, food/drug allergies, drug-drug interactions as well as discharge medication

  • Reviewed a patient’s health condition, and assessed the effect of medication on him to determine if its use should be continued, modified or terminated

  • Consulted with physicians, specialists, and other medical practitioners on prescription orders, patient reactions and errors to provide optimal medication therapies

  • Provided medication therapy management, medication reconciliation, drug discharge counseling, and drug regimen reviews to patients with long-term illness

  • Ensured patients are given appropriate suggestions about medication from medical practitioner, and gave advice to them on various health-related problems

  • Assisted physician to perform daily routine rounds to check on patient progress, and monitored their progress to make sure the prescribed therapy is working as expected

  • Interacted with patients to understand their health complaints as well as difficulties faced due to certain drugs, and recommended alternative medicine to ensure provision of complete therapy

Entry-level Clinical Pharmacist (part-time)

Libra Health-care, Grand Rapids, MI

July 2013 – February 2015

  • Assessed patient’s response to ongoing drug therapy, and suggested dosage changes to physicians as required

  • Coordinated with physician to initiate, modify or discontinue medications for ongoing therapy of chronic disease states by consulting the nursing staff

  • Assisted to select and prescribe appropriate drugs for patients, and monitored their progress

  • Studied patient cases facing adverse reactions due to specific medication given by physicians, and suggested alternative drug therapies

  • Attended research seminars by professional scientist to know about the latest advancement in medicines, treatment methods and constantly changing regulations


  • Doctor of Pharmacy

    Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MI


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine Chemistry

    Davenport University, Grand Rapids, MJ



  • Completed one year residency program as an apprentice in Libra Health-care, 2013
  • Cleared North American License Exam and obtained valid license, 2013


On request.

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