Clinical Medical Assistant Resume

Career Summary:

Highly-dedicated, motivated and organized Clinical Medical Assistant with over 4+ years of experience in assisting doctors, recording vital signs of patients, and providing daily care. Adept in doing laboratory tests, maintaining patient records, and handling administrative duties. Ability to tolerate high stress levels and perform multiple tasks using excellent communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of various clinical procedures, and providing quality patient care
  • In-depth knowledge of medical terminologies, and interpreting lab reports
  • Skilled in taking vital signs, medical histories, assisting with medical examinations and explaining treatment procedures to patients
  • Capable of handling multitude of job responsibilities, and adept in being kind, understanding and empathetic towards patients or their family members
  • Ability to listen well, share information with clarity amongst the medical professionals and give appropriately succinct answers to the questions
  • Capable of tolerating stress, and delivering high-quality care to patients
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills

Work Experience:

Clinical Medical Assistant
Katalyst Healthcare, Charlotte, NC
November 2017 – Present

  • Greeting patients, collecting medical histories, preparing them for diagnosis, and the examination room
  • Taking vital signs and preparing patients’ files, both physically and electronically
  • Recording vital signs, and performing specimen collection for the laboratory tests
  • Preparing patients for medical examination, and administering medicines as directed by the physician
  • Greeting patients, completing admission procedures, and collecting insurance information
  • Assisting medical personnel with patient examinations, and carrying out various medical duties such as administering injections, and medications

Clinical Medical Assistant
Toledo Clinic, Charlotte, NC
March 2016 – November 2017

  • Collected medical histories of concerned patients, and prepared accurate case papers for review by doctors
  • Collected and ensured the samples reach the pathological laboratory for timely testing
  • Recognized the patient’s needs and symptoms by studying lab reports, and provided necessary care under the doctor’s supervision
  • Collaborated with the nursing team for preparing patient for medical tests, providing assistance during treatment and maintaining records in the database
  • Explained health-care instructions and prescriptions to patients and family members, including diet to be followed
  • Assisted doctors with routine assessment for patients in the emergency ward, and gave medication pursuant to the physician’s order
  • Checked patients’ vital signs, and updated medical history data in the EMR system
  • Helped providers in the procedure room for proper sterile setup and operated C-ARM to obtain proper fluoroscopic reports


Clinical Medical Assistant (part-time)
Medworks Inc., Charlotte, NC
June 2014 – February 2016

  • Worked directly with the patients for conducting various medical tests, collecting blood samples, performing hands on care and doing tests using equipment under the physician’s supervision
  • Scheduled patient’s appointment with specialist doctors and assisted to escort patient
  • Performed tasks associated with sterilization and preparation of medical instruments as per the doctor’s instructions
  • Administered injections, recorded vital signs, and prepared case paper reports for patients
  • Purchased medical supplies and ensured inventory is neither too big nor too small
  • Scheduled patients’ appointments, and entered details into database
  • Collaborated with the medical support team for disposal of all toxic waste in accordance with local and federal guidelines
  • Provided assistance for performing required administrative and clerical duties, and assisted physician with patient treatment as necessary


  • Associate’s Degree in Medical Assisting
    University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC Mvr


  • Diploma in Clinical Medical Assisting, 2014


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