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Career Objective:

Highly-motivated, dynamic, and joyous ‘Chief Physiotherapist’ with more than 6+ years of experience in recommending, and providing physical therapeutic treatments to patients suffering from mobility problems. Capable of reviewing patient’s progress report to modify treatment methods by attending exercise regimes, and making minute observations. Possess excellent leadership qualities, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Capable of examining health issues and providing physical therapy treatments to patients undergoing treatment for accidental or sport injuries, surgery procedures, joint replacement, neurological/spinal cord problems as well as limitations in mobility

  • Expertise in reviewing patient’s medical reports, recommending appropriate physical therapy exercises and observing patients to notice minor improvements

  • Possess in-depth information on physical as well as equipment-based exercises, and have sound knowledge of various physiotherapy equipment such as Nordic track, exercise balls, isokinetics, and electric muscle stimulation

  • Capable of collaborating with rehabilitation specialist to assist patients having disabilities in completing daily activities independently

  • Adept in maintaining patient records, explaining patient condition to the family members and giving them appropriate advice to provide emotional as well as mental support

  • Ability to work with the team using excellent leadership abilities, organizational, and communication skills

Work Experience:

Chief Physiotherapist

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Nashville, TN

March 2017 – Present

  • Effectively handling neurological, orthopedics, sports, musculoskeletal as well as pediatric patients along with rehabilitation specialist team, and suggesting them manual/equipment exercises after reviewing medical reports

  • Regularly assessing patient progress to initiate appropriate physiotherapy programs for patients suffering from mobility due to injuries, age-related or other disorders

  • Assessing progress reports for more than 50 patients, and supervising a team of 20 subordinates to ensure right physiotherapy for maximum improvement as well as for boosting self-confidence

  • Coordinating with physiotherapy team to organize quarterly community health checkups for individuals from various age group to promote the importance of physical exercises, and encourage them to shift from a sedentary lifestyle to avoid obesity issues

  • Providing patients individualized care plans by accurately assessing progress, communicating it to the family members, and altering treatment course to facilitate goal attainment for them

  • Collaborating with marketing and sales department to devise new physiotherapy combo packages, including of hands-on as well as equipment-based exercises to increase the number of patients at the hospital


Rouge Medical Clinic, Nashville, TN

November 2014 – February 2017

  • Worked in the clinic’s outpatient department to perform subjective as well as objective patient assessments to identify health problems and patient goals

  • Performed analysis of examination findings, selected and implemented appropriate treatment program that is in sync with patient’s rehabilitation goals

  • Assessed diagnosis and treated patients in tertiary care setting facing actual or potential impairments, pain, functional limitations, and disabilities

  • Worked under the direction of patient care manager to assist multidisciplinary acute care inpatient team for patient assessment, treatment development as well as execution of plan

  • Coordinated with the team to document all aspects of patient care, actively participated in patient care meetings, and maintained an updated hospital database

  • Conducted inspection rounds during individual or group physiotherapy sessions within clinic and observed patient’s progress for mobility to decide on further course of treatment

  • Provided wellness services that will assist to maintain and improve the range of movement as well as mobility through physical exercises as well as equipment such as Nordic track, ultrasound, isokinetics, exercise bike/balls, or electric muscle stimulation


Physiotherapy Assistant

Western Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic, Nashville, TN

July 2012 – October 2014

  • Coordinated with supervisor to help patients carry out their assigned physiotherapy manual exercises as well as using machines to strengthen muscles and increase mobility

  • Keenly observed patients during therapy sessions and reported cognitive and functional changes in patient’s behavior to justify progress or alternative treatment techniques

  • Provided instructions to patients during individual or group sessions for use of equipment to ensure proper exercises are performed by them, and made notes on daily progress of patients recovering from accidental injuries, trauma or using cane, wheelchair or other support

  • Regularly assessed equipment and other medical instruments used in physiotherapy to identify defects, damaged parts, and arranged for repairs, or placed orders for new equipment depending on the needs

  • Prepared and maintained progress reports as well as basic metrics of 10+ patients, and provided completed details to senior physiotherapist as requested

  • Performed administrative duties such as answering calls to clear doubts of patient’s family member, arranging meeting schedules with family, and maintained an updated patient database

  • Coordinated with other physiotherapy assistants to provide a consistent approach to prevent falls, reduce injuries, and improved awareness of safety for patient’s daily activities


  • Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy

    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN


License/ Certification:

  • First Aid Certificate and CPR certification, 2012
  • Cleared the National Physical Therapy Examination conducted by FSBPT and got license, 2012


On request.

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