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Career Objective:

Highly-dedicated, trained, and hard-working Chief of Police with a strong experience in coordinating and directing daily operations and personnel in a police department and ensuring public peace and safety. Experience in investigating crime scenes, developing department policies, and budget, organizing law enforcement programs, and preparing reports. Possess excellent communication, leadership, decision-making, analytical, problem-solving, and computer skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge of criminal law procedures, police administration methods and practices, budget planning and management, investigation techniques, law enforcement principles, and practices, public safety programs, emergency response, advanced firearms and ammunition

  • Strong public-speaking skills along with the ability to command and direct staff

  • Ability to make remain calm and make effective decisions in life-threatening or emergency situations

  • Ability to analyze complex public safety or security issues, and develop effective solutions

  • Solid investigation skills as well as ability to work well independently or with a team

  • Strong communication skills along with the ability to maintain good relations with staff, general public, and various law enforcement agencies

  • Excellent computer skills along with the proficiency in using various software programs to write reports as well as review crime graphs and statistics

  • Ability to maintain up-to-date knowledge of all city, county and state laws as well as related changes

Work Experience

Chief of Police

Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, New York, NY

December 2017 – Present

  • Directing, planning, and coordinating various operations and activities of police department while exercising responsibilities of enforcement of laws and ordinances, prevention of crimes and protection of life, and property within an assigned community

  • Planning, directing, reviewing and evaluating staff and functions of the major divisions of investigation, patrol, support, management, and communication services

  • Hiring and firing department personnel as well as developing, and supervising work schedules for them to provide responsive, and professional police services for public

  • Organizing and directing law enforcement and community programs to educate public and for department’s benefits as well as developing new policies and regulations, including arrest procedures, police equipment, and vehicles usage or dress codes

  • Analyzing crime data maps, graphs and statistics regularly as well as developing patrol, and crime prevention strategies as required

  • Communicating with the public, media and local groups as well as making public appearances at community events as required

  • Arranging conference and meetings with other law enforcement officers and discussing high-profile criminal cases, unsolved crimes, and other related issues within the community

  • Planning and managing annual budget for the entire police department as well as participating in the forecast of funds needed for staffing, training, equipment and supplies

  • Responding to and assuming command of various critical incidents as well as leading, and managing investigations of high-profile criminal cases as required

Deputy Chief of Police

New York City Police Department, New York, NY

October 2016 – November 2017

  • Coordinated and administered daily police operations and activities related to law enforcement, life and property protection, and crime prevention as well as developed department goals, policies and priorities under the general direction of Chief of Police

  • Assisted in managing staff and determining staffing levels based on department’s operational plans, objectives and schedules as well as oversaw ongoing training, hiring, firing, performance evaluation, disciplining activities for personnel

  • Liaised with city, county, federal agencies involved in law enforcement as well as represented the department at various community meetings, and press conferences to promote department goals and missions

  • Provided technical and administrative assistance to the Chief of Police in developing, implementing, and evaluating public safety programs and services

  • Read, analyzed, and responded to daily administrative paperwork as well as assisted in developing departmental budget and authorizing expenditures

  • Assumed duties of the Chief of Police in his absence as well as exercised direct command and control of major crime scenes


Midtown Precinct South, New York, NY

June 2015 – September 2016

  • Supervised sergeant and patrolling officers and other staff engaged in the performance and administration of police patrol, investigation, traffic control and related law enforcement activities within a community

  • Assisted in preparing, evaluating and monitoring of departmental budget as well as properly maintained police records, court documents, and other emergency communications

  • Coordinated development and training of subordinate police officers as well as assisted in evaluating departmental efficiency through monthly crime analysis reports

  • Assisted in developing new approaches to investigate problems as well as stayed updated with crime trends and specific geographic demands

  • Advised supervisors on deployment of police personnel during emergency situations as well as maintained contacts with them to coordinate investigation activities


NYPD 19th Precinct, New York, NY

April 2014 – May 2015

  • Planned, implemented, and evaluated patrol and criminal investigative activities as well as assumed command of daily operations in absence of lieutenant

  • Trained, instructed, and monitored performance of police officers, security officers, and other personnel engaged in the protection of public and property within a community

  • Ensured all activities of sworn and non-sworn officers complied with department goals, objectives, policies and procedures as well as with specified instructions

  • Maintained records of all complaints received as well as performed regular evaluation of daily incident reports and documents

  • Actively responded to emergency public safety needs, including medical assistance as required

  • Ensured patrol coverage on a regular basis as well as provided daily roll call, equipment and uniform inspections

  • Reviewed arrests made by police or patrol officers as well as performed regular investigation to prevent crime

Police Officer

Amtrak Police Department, New York, NY

February 2013 – March 2014

  • Patrolled assigned areas on foot or in police vehicles, and enforced laws and ordinances to prevent crimes and promote security

  • Monitored radio and responded to calls for assistance or to complaints, reports of criminal events, domestic or public disputes, or requests for law enforcement

  • Preserved crime scenes as well as interviewed victims, witnesses, and suspects and prepared investigative reports of findings, facts, and related information

  • Enforced traffic laws and regulations as well as stopped vehicles for violations, and issued citations

  • Assisted in promoting a positive image of the police department and developed collaborative relations with community groups and law enforcement agencies by engaging in public relations or community services


  • Police Academy Training

    NYPD Police Academy, New York, NY, USA


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

    John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, NY, USA



On request.

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