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Career Objective:

With continuous efforts, hard work, and knowledge sharing, I believe that anything can be achieved. I aspire to follow these values and work for an organization that recognizes the potential within me and allows me to put it into practice for handling the legal aspects of business operations.

Professional Strengths

  • Updated with the latest regulations defined by Commercial Regulatory Association (CRA) for running profit and nonprofit organizations
  • Excellent conflict resolution, communication, information analysis, coordination, and resource management skills
  • Comfortable to travel on a frequent basis
  • Ability to take the right decision at the right time
  • Ability to handle stressful situations with ease and direct the team members confidently

Work Experience

Chief Legal Officer at Chapman Industries

Employed since November 2005

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, revise, implement, and publish the legal framework for the organization as a whole
  • Oversee negotiations and contracts, purchase and sale of assets, recruitment, accounting and taxation, and all other critical aspects of business
  • Conduct meetings and explain about the revisions in the legal policies and framework
  • Develop training modules for new recruits
  • Direct and supervise staff in the legal department
  • Prepare reports of incidents where the employees are involved in wrongful duties and suggest corrective measures to the authorities
  • Prepare all mandatory records and reports on a regular basis

Chief Legal Officer at Pearson Technologies

Employed from March 1995 to October 2005

Job Responsibilities

  • Drafted and revised all legal documents on behalf of the organization
  • Conducted meetings on a regular basis to keep all the employees updated with the modifications in the guidelines defined by the regulatory bodies
  • Appeared in all court hearings for lawsuits filed against the organization
  • Ensured that a high level of secrecy is maintained in order to avoid theft of critical documents and data
  • Managed all other activities such as staffing, training, and allocation of budgets for the departmental activities

Academic Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Law

Dante Law Institute

Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Dante Law Institute


Available on request

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