Chief Compliance Officer Resume

Summary of Skills

  • Highly experienced in development and implementation of business regulatory frameworks, behavioral code, risk management programs, etc.
  • Skilled in handling problematic situations confidently and tactfully so as to minimize its effect on the routine operations
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, communication, and technical skills
  • Capable of delivering outstanding results on a consistent basis without letting the external factors affect my quality of work
  • Passionate to grow and succeed by driving the workforce in the right path and achieving the goals through mutual efforts

Details of Work Experience

Chief Compliance Officer

Devoir Inc.

September 2004 to present

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, revise, and implement compliance codes for employees and departments
  • Interact with employees and solicit feedback on the regulations on policies
  • Investigate into matters where unethical practices have been followed
  • Take corrective actions where employees are found guilty of not following the code of conduct
  • Report violations to law enforcement agencies or other agencies such as FBI

Chief Compliance Officer

Travolta Inc.

March 1998 to August 2004

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitored activities of the staff and identified issues where there had been a deliberate breach of code of conduct
  • Communicated with the department heads to update them about the updates in the policies and regulations
  • Reviewed the consequences of policy changes and solicited feedback from the employees
  • Handled media and government relations during economic crisis
  • Performed all other activities as assigned

Educational Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Business Administration, 1997

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, 1995


Will be provided on request

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