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Career Objective:

To work as a chaplain assistant with “Aspire Health,” and help staff members and patients develop spiritual power to cope up with stress, illnesses, and other problems.

Summary of Skills:

  • Knowledge of various religious texts and spiritual preaching
  • Sound listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • Possess understanding and sympathetic nature towards problems of others
  • Genuine passion toward serving the society and for the welfare of society
  • Excellent administrative and organizational abilities
  • Capability of taking responsibilities and be accountable

Work Experience:

Chaplain Assistant
Flower Hospital, Henryville, IN
September 2013 – Present

  • Counsel the patients and their family members and help them deal with trauma and the mental agony of undergoing treatment and surgeries
  • Offer spiritual comfort to the patients and create a positive and hopeful environment around them
  • Extend special care and services towards patient suffering from mental ailments
  • Seek support from religious materials, meditation and spirituality to stabilize their mental conditions
  • Consult patients from the rehabilitation centers and assist them deal with their drug and alcohol addiction by preaching spirituality and optimism
  • Plan and organize spiritual program for individuals and group

Chaplain Assistant
City Juvenile Prison, Henryville, IN
March 2012 – August 2013

  • Met the inmates of the prison and created a positive and encouraging environment to help them re-settle themselves in the society, on release
  • Preached religion to the inmates and inculcated the feelings of love, care, compassion and brotherhood in them
  • Provided spiritual support to the family members of the inmates and supported their efforts of changing the inmate’s perspective towards life
  • Analyzed the reason behind people committing crime and created solutions to protect oneself from such situation
  • Read verses from the Bible for prisoners in a sessions organized collectively for a group
  • Encouraged prisons in taking the spiritual roots and turning over a new leaf


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Religious Studies
    ABC University, Henryville, IN


On request.