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Career Objective:

Detail-oriented, organized and certified ‘Medical Coder’ with over 5+ years of experience in writing accurate codes for patient records, processing claims for payment and performing clerical duties as required. Adept in maintaining confidentiality of the patient data and entering accurate clinical codes in the software by using excellent research skills for complex diseases, treatment methods or medical prescriptions. Team player with exceptional organizational and communication skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of ICD-10, CPC and HCPCS codes for various diagnostics, treatment procedures, and medicines

  • Strong knowledge of medical terminologies and coding systems

  • Capable of determining exact amount of claims to present it to the patient’s insurance company for collecting payment within limited time

  • Familiar with assessing billing records to calculate pending fees from the concerned patient as well as approving reimbursement for special cases as per the instructions from the hospital’s chair person

  • Adept at writing accurate coding terminologies as well as performing various clerical duties as required

  • Expertise in operating hospital’s software, clinical database, and other computer applications such as MS Office suite, mail and Google spreadsheet
  • Compassionate and empathetic medical personnel with strong analytical and communication skills

  • Team player with exceptional organizational and problem solving skills

Work Experience:

Certified Medical Coder

Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, San Francisco, CA

October 2017 – Present

  • Assisting to translate medical procedures into standardized codes for helping insurance companies to assess patients’ bill, and creating accurate invoice for the services provided

  • Extracting clinical information from the software and assigning appropriate ICD-10 or CPT-4 codes to patient records as per the established procedures

  • Reviewing patients’ medical reports for MIPS coding, and assigning appropriate modifiers in the data to receive proper reimbursement

  • Researching medical dictionaries and anatomical charts for unusual treatment procedures or unique diagnosis to ensure correct information is filled in the software

  • Coordinating with the team to perform data entry tasks to maintain accurate medical information, including doctor’s name, surgery dates or other procedures, prescription and discharge date in the hospital’s database

  • Performing specific tasks related to accurate storage for ensuring accurate data quality, and completeness of clinical records

  • Maintaining an up-to-date database of clinical records in the hospital’s software by coding diagnosis, treatment provided and prescriptions about drugs/injections

Certified Medical Coder

Spectrum Health Clinic, San Francisco, CA

February 2015 – September 2017

  • Performed various duties with tasks related to coding, including patient review record, assigning of ICD-10-CM, and surgical or anesthetic CPT codes
  • Assisted to complete timely and independent review of operative reports and physician notes to accurately assign CPT or ICD-10 codes to define the services provided

  • Helped the team to maintain confidentiality of data by coding diagnosis, treatment provided, and information about physicians who administered the treatment

  • Coordinated with the team to analyze physician documentation contained in routine outpatient records for coding principal diagnosis and treatment procedures to keep accurate records

  • Ensured that the claims for the patient’s visit at the clinic are properly coded and accurately billed to reflect the provided services to get appropriate payment from concerned patient’s insurance company

  • Took responsibility to code diagnostics and procedures of emergency department records, and abstracted statistical information for reimbursement

  • Carried out various clerical duties as required and entered charges into the designated billing systems for proper maintenance of records


Medical Coding Assistant

Holy Name Medical Center, San Francisco, CA

July 2013 – January 2015

  • Worked under the supervision of senior coders and assigned appropriate CPT, ICD – 9/10 and HCPCS codes into the medical center’s billing systems

  • Maintained a working knowledge of coding fundamentals, including ICD-9-CM coding for inpatient, outpatient, and physician services

  • Assigned codes based on medical documentation, sought further clarification from the concerned physicians when the patient’s medical file is unclear

  • Coordinated with the administrative and business office department and resolved denied claims due to coding issues

  • Assisted to complete coding activities, including HCPCS coding, CPT-4 coding for outpatient physician services

  • Worked with the team to achieve and maintain a high-level of accuracy in coding

  • Performed duties to apply ICD clinical modification and CPT codes for outpatient ambulatory clinic records

  • Identified records that are to be coded within designated time limit


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Health-care Administration

    University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA


  • Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology

    University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA



On request.

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