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Career Objective:

Energetic, self-motivated, and certified ‘Hand Therapist’ with over 7+ years of experience in recommending therapeutic treatments to patients suffering with hand fracture and bone deformities. Expertise in assessing patient’s limbs for wounds, injuries, tendon/ligament problem, and taking x-rays to inspect the depth of disorder.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess sound knowledge of various therapeutic treatments to cure hand, shoulder, wrist or elbow problems including injuries, wounds, tendon/ligament tear, fractures, surgeries, and non-operative disorders

  • Expertise in assisting physician for restoring patient’s hand function, alleviating pain as well as preventing disabilities by suggesting appropriate physical exercises along with drugs

  • Capable of training patients in use of adaptive equipment such as crutches, walking stick, wheelchair, and other tools for performing daily activities

  • Proficient in observing patient during exercise routine to note down key improvements and making modification in therapy as needed

  • Adept in counseling patient as well as family members regarding therapeutic regimen by giving detailed description about equipment use, maintenance, and safety rules

  • Ability to work in a team using excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Compassionate and empathetic professional with exceptional organizational as well as problem-solving skills

Work Experience:

Certified Hand Therapist

Davita Medical Center, Atlanta, GA

December 2016 – Present

  • Providing non-operative interventions, preventive-care, and post-surgical rehabilitation to patients

  • Treating patients with tendon injuries, hand and forehand wounds, complex crush injuries, and fractures

  • Providing appropriate treatment and assisting in flexible movement of the patients’ limbs

  • Maintaining a collaborative environment within the department by working with other medical personnel such as physiotherapist, and kinesiologist

  • Examining and reviewing a patient’s treatment plan, and making appropriate recommendations regarding continuation of the hand therapy

  • Coordinating with physician to examine inpatients for suggesting appropriate therapeutic procedures to treat stiffness, and providing quality continuum of care

  • Collaborating with nursing personnel to suggest hand movements, physical exercise and use of support like cane stick/walker, and assisting in improving the patient’s confidence for daily activities

  • Making regular follow-up to assess patients undergoing treatment for accidental injuries, surgical procedures, and trauma, evaluating strength in their limbs, recommending appropriate physiotherapy

  • Maintaining communication with patient’s physician and medical personnel regarding modification in therapy as well as discharge formalities when necessary

Certified Hand Therapist

Fraser Health-care, Atlanta, GA

March 2014 – November 2016

  • Helped patient accomplish treatment plan as well as accept therapeutic devices by administering manual exercises

  • Evaluated effects of therapy treatments on the patient by observing, noting, and evaluating progress, and recommending required adjustments or modifications

  • Provided required instructions, encouragement, and assisted patients in performing physical activities to make them independent in managing daily routines

  • Provided education to patients, family members of the patient as well as staff on specific treatment plan, and therapy goals to ensure achievement of the same

  • Organized individual hand therapeutic sessions for patients undergoing treatment post surgery, joint replacement procedures to give special attention and care

  • Collaborated with other therapists, physicians, and nurse practitioners to ensure quality care is provided to patients for best outcomes

  • Assisted physicians in giving therapy to patients suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis, partial paralysis, and recommended use of appropriate adaptive equipment or devices for functionality improvement

  • Coordinated with the team to treat acute and chronic injuries, including lacerations, fractures, bone deformities, burns, neurological issues as well as provided pre/post operative care


Physical Therapist Assistant

Brooks Rehabilitation, Atlanta, GA

July 2011 – February 2014

  • Worked under the supervision of licensed physical therapists, and provided quality services, to patients of all ages

  • Assessed overall health of patients by interviewing them, performed physical examinations, checked vital stats, and prepared case papers

  • Helped patients walk with the help of crutches, walker, cane-sticks, etc., and gave required training for the same

  • Performed therapeutic procedures by instructing about manual exercises, techniques as per the doctor’s advice, and observed patients to prepare accurate reports

  • Coordinated with physicians to assist patients post surgical procedures in regaining confidence, and helped them simple physical exercises

  • Followed treatment plans prepared by physical therapist such as stretching, strength training, exercises with gym equipment, and physical manipulation to assist in fast recovery of patients

  • Worked in outpatient department to attend to patients obtaining treatment for various issues such as frozen shoulder, ligament tear, limb fracture and back pain

  • Collaborated with the housekeeping staff to keep the treatment area clean, neat, sterilized and ready for each patient


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy

    Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA



  • Certified Hand Therapist

    National Board of Certification for Occupational Therapy



On request.

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