Certified EMT Resume

Career Summary:

Highly-dedicated, vigilant and certified ‘EMT Therapist’ with over 5+ years of experience in responding to emergency calls, coordinating with medical staff in ambulance, and transporting patients to the health-care center to ensure timely treatment. Capable of lifting patients, shifting within medical facility, and giving basic life support as well as first-aid treatment. Ability to work in a team using critical thinking, problem solving and excellent interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Expertise in checking vital signs, dressing wounds, and administering intravenous injections/medicines

  • Capable of providing rapid response to apparent medical emergencies such as accidents, child birth, trauma, and directing ambulance team to the spot

  • Possess competence in handling emergencies by utilizing basic life support equipment, and ability to work in shifts as required at the medical center

  • Possess solid critical-thinking skills to respond to emergency situations, and shift/ transport patients to respective wards

  • Capable of effectively conveying information to medical personnel at the hospital for proper arrangement of patients as well as booking operation theater if needed

  • Adept in documenting treatment procedures to keep updated information in database, and maintaining confidentiality of patient data

  • Team player with excellence in operating Google maps for determining the shortest route to reach accident spot or patient’s address

  • Ability to provide emotional support and empathy to patient’s family members using social perceptiveness and calm demeanor

Work Experience:

Certified EMT Therapist

Wellpath Regional Medical Center, Birmingham, AL

July 2017 – Present

  • Responding to emergency medical calls and inter-facility transfers, and providing advanced life support to patients who are terminally ill or injured

  • Evaluating and providing basic life support treatment for a variety of medical injuries as well as in emergency cases

  • Coordinating with team to respond to various types of medical emergencies, including accidents, child birth, trauma events, heart attacks, bomb blasts, and fire cases

  • Assisting in lifting, positioning, and transporting patients to emergency ward

  • Documenting medical history and treatment of inmate patients using standard medical procedures accurately and in a timely manner

  • Assisting medical and nursing staff with the care and treatment of emergency infants, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients

  • Working under the supervision of RN/LPN to perform various activities, and related services for personal, physical, and psychosocial comfort of patients

  • Inspecting the condition of ambulance as well as the equipment/instruments inside it, and arranging for repairs as per the need

Certified EMT Therapist

Essentia Health-care, Birmingham, AL

November 2015 – June 2017

  • Coordinated with the ambulance staff to provide direct care in accordance with the treatment plans in emergency situations as per the instructions of charge nurse

  • Assisted in restraining patient movements while transporting to the health-care center, and aided to give required intravenous injections or anesthesia in the ambulance to stabilize continuous movements

  • Performed assessment and basic management of medical, trauma, and environmental emergencies

  • Monitored patients’ condition during transportation and passed on specific information to the nearby emergency unit

  • Demonstrated exceptional understanding of range of treatment required in emergency situations, and assisted in maintenance of the ambulance

  • Responded to emergency calls on the health-care center’s hotline number, and noted down address for fixing route on the map to ensure ambulance reaches the spot in minimal time

  • Sterilized and performed equipment maintenance of various tools and instruments present in the ambulance

  • Collected patient information of emergency room patients in the functional areas of admissions, discharges, insurance verification to maintain an updated hospital database


Assistant EMT Therapist (entry-level)

Sibley Memorial Hospital, Birmingham, AL

August 2013 – October 2015

  • Obtained a basic medical history from the patient’s family member, and completed preliminary physical examination to determine severity of emergency

  • Responded to emergency medical calls to provide ambulatory services in various cases such as road accidents, bomb blasts, or apartment fire

  • Assisted nursing personnel to lift and place patient/s on stretcher at accident site as well as loaded the stretcher in ambulance

  • Worked under the supervision of on-call doctor in the ambulance to utilize necessary equipment to treat the patient, and ascertained the extent of injuries

  • Communicated with medical care facility about the patient’s condition, status and time of arrival at the hospital to keep a private room or operation theater ready as per the need

  • Served as the driver of ambulance from emergency scene to the medical center

  • Collaborated with Relief/Triage nurse to ensure bed assignment for the patient, and recorded vital stats to inform about the required equipment such as ventilator, ECG monitor, etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Paramedic Science

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL


  • Associate’s Degree in Human Anatomy

    University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL



  • Certified EMT – National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, 2014
  • Completed First Aid, Basic Life Support and CPR course, 2013


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