Certified Diabetes Educator Resume

Career Summary:

Self-motivated, dedicated, and certified ‘Diabetes Educator’ with more than 5 years of experience in spreading awareness about diabetes, educating about self-maintenance programs to diabetic patients and monitoring blood glucose levels to recommend lifestyle changes. Expertise in recommending diet charts as well as exercise routines to bring blood sugar levels in control. Ability to collaborate with other medical personnel for providing quality care using excellent interpersonal skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • In-depth information on various laboratory tests, tools like glucometer to determine the glucose levels for monitoring health issues related to diabetes

  • Capable of conducting counseling and guidance sessions for patients as well as family members to give detailed description about type 1/ type 2 diabetes

  • Proficient in organizing educational programs in schools and colleges to spread awareness about young age diabetes, and ensure required treatment is provided in a timely manner

  • Exceptional listening skills to understand patient’s routine, lifestyle and eating habits to recommend appropriate changes for optimal health

  • Ability to coordinate with other medical personnel to check new health issues in diabetic patient such as eyesight, gangrene, digestion problems and develop accurate plan of care as needed

  • Adept in maintaining electronic health records of diabetic patients to keep updated information about wellness status, ongoing medication and glucose levels

  • Team player with excellent organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:

Certified Diabetes Educator

St. Elizabeth Health-care Center, Jackson, MS

November 2017 – Present

  • Maintaining hospital database and tracking system of patients requiring diabetes education, and applying appropriate metrics to determine outcomes

  • Assessing medical records of patients with fluctuating glucose levels, and suggesting lifestyle changes to bring blood sugar under control

  • Interacting with patients to understand side-effects of medication as well as new health issues, and recommending exercise routines, and modifications in diet as required

  • Collaborating with various doctors to spread awareness about hereditary factor to families of diabetic patient, and measures to prevent the same

  • Assisting in weight loss management program for overweight patients, and high blood sugar levels to reduce the risk of stroke, kidney failure, or other related ailments

  • Collaborating with the health-care center’s multidisciplinary team to provide quality care for patients enrolled in diabetics program

Certified Diabetes Educator

Riley Hospital, Jackson, MS

May 2015 – October 2017

  • Collaborated with physicians regarding diet prescriptions, clinical recommendations, and implementation of care plans

  • Worked with various doctors, nursing aide, and other medical personnel to review a patient’s glucose records, discussed life challenges, and suggested actions for improving the ongoing diabetes management regimen

  • Served as a vital resource for diabetes education for various hospital and private physicians, and handled 10+ patients per day

  • Counseled diabetic patients regarding healthy eating, regular physical activity, self-monitoring health condition, medication and lifestyle routine to reduce risk complication

  • Conducted informative sessions for parents of children suffering from diabetes to educate about the illness, medication, required lifestyle changes as well as nutrition

  • Handled patients having a sedentary lifestyle or heavy pressure due to profession and recommended required changes to prevent risk of health complications

  • Provided support to patients taking treatment for weight loss program, and organized guidance lectures on wound care, pediatric wellness etc.


Dietitian cum Diabetes Educator Associate

United Medical Center, Jackson, MS

July 2013 – May 2015

  • Coordinated with physicians to educate patients and their family members on basic rules of healthy eating habits

  • Counseled patients taking treatment for type 1 diabetes with serious health problems regarding methods to control blood sugar levels

  • Collaborated with other doctors to improve health status of patients on dialysis by evaluating nutritional requirements, and developing effective plan of care

  • Reviewed patients’ glucose records, and conducted interactive sessions on changes in adolescents suffering from diabetes

  • Assisted the physician in examining patients suffering from type 1 diabetes by overseeing medication, planning meals, checking eyesight, and even legs to detect gangrene symptoms at the earliest

  • Promoted individualized treatment goals to optimize patient health by educating and supporting in prediabetes, diabetes prevention, and diabetes management

  • Organized regular follow-up sessions with patients to inspect dedication, implemented changes in daily routine, and improvement as well as for providing motivation

  • Conducted informative sessions in local schools and colleges to educate children about dietary requirements, and exercise to avoid diabetes, or other chronic diseases from the young age


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition

    Jackson State University, Jackson, MS


  • High School Diploma

    Degrassi High School, Jackson, MS



  • Certified Diabetes Educator

    National Board of Certification for Diabetes Educators (NBCDE), Jackson, MS



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