CEO resume template

CEO resume template

Download CEO resume template and customize it

Are you giving up a huge chunk of your life to a job you Don’t? Do you want to find a new career you are jazzed to wake up for on Monday morning? Then keep reading, you’re in the right spot.


Imagine an unknown number scrolling across your phone after you just applied for your dream job. Your heart starts beating faster, and you answer tentatively. You’re scared to hope that it might be in response to your application. Then you hear a cheery voice say, “Hi! We were impressed with your qualifications and would like to bring you in for an interview.”

You start to picture what you’ll wear, anticipate that offer letter in your email, and contemplate what salary you’ll accept. You start imagining how you’ll spend your extra income – will you get a new car?! Go on vacation?! Or maybe you’re fantasizing about the difference you’re going to be making by doing the work you were meant to do–feeling respected and proud. Or you are thinking about how you will start each day talking about what you “get” to do instead of what you “have” to drag yourself out of bed to do.

This is where this resume template will take you. But let’s go back before you got this imaginary call. Do you feel like you’re selling yourself short in your current job? Are you still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, but you’re 40 years old? Do you live for the weekends or feel like you’re in the Groundhog Day movie, waking up to the same story every day? Then you need to revamp your resume right now!

It doesn’t matter if you are a web developer who wants to break into human resources, a real estate agent who wants to be a marketer, or a burnt-out registered nurse who doesn’t know what else you would do – you are capable of much more than you know right now. So career transition is within your reach.

Equipped with a new mindset and the new one page resume template, you will finally be able to go confidently in the direction of your dream job.

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