Botanist Resume

Job Objective:

Result-oriented botany professional looking for a senior position in research industry where my experience of exploring all types of plants can help in research and find effective remedies for conservation, forestry, and horticulture.

Summary of Skills:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of environmental assessment and invasive plant management techniques

  • Ability to conduct field surveys on botanical parks, gardens, forests, and work under severe weather conditions

  • In-depth information about the state’s regulation for rare species protection act and wetland permitting

  • Capable of conducting floral surveys and managing and monitoring plants’ growth, and ID using GPS Mapping or Data Analysis

  • Familiar with technologies used in botanical research institutes

  • Flexible to travel, stay outdoor, and work under any climatic conditions

Work Experience:


Zathrax ICF International, Cleveland, Ohio

November 2016 – Present

  • Studying the life cycle of rare plant species from the samples of plant chromosomes, tissues and cells

  • Working with other botanists to determine possible drugs, medicines and other products from plants

  • Participating in on-field visits to identify new species of plants and determine their class of specimen in the plant hierarchy

  • Writing biological evaluation reports and conservation assessments results for popular research journals and attending seminars

  • Growing plants in special experiments to review the ecological and genetic factors in the chromosome tissues


Spanace Group Pvt. Ltd., Cleveland, Ohio

August 2015 – October 2016

  • Conducted state surveys for endangered plants and identified new species using dissecting microscope

  • Studied genetics of plants by examining their molecular structure using biochemical methods and understood the patterns of development

  • Conducted experiments to study the effects of soil, sunlight, topography and weather conditions on plant development

  • Assisted senior biologists to collect field data and prepare reports on collected information with the help of topographical maps, aerial photos, GPS and other tools

  • Supervised a team of 5 interns to collect seasonal native special seeds and cuttings

Field Botanist

Spanace Group Pvt. Ltd., Cleveland, Ohio

April 2013 – July 2015

  • Performed on-field surveys for vascular plant species like fungi, weed, lichens and prepared reports on advised control methods

  • Coordinated with state resource specialists to update the surveys for rare plant and animal species in the state

  • Compiled a report on the status of affected botanical resources under renewable energy resource plan

  • Assisted botanical specialists in the state to carry out effective restoration procedures for affected plant species and followed a designed procedure for name changes

  • Visited on-site locations and wrote a report on complete species list, habitat description, and new discovered plants

  • Spread awareness to save exotic plant species by conducting monthly seminars in public places

Botanist Assistant

Soylent Green Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio

June 2011 – March 2013

  • Studied and understood techniques used in green house management, basic landscaping principles for gardening and plant propagation

  • Applied basic knowledge of environment systems regarding pests and diseases to company’s green houses for timely identification and control

  • Assisted team in the landscaping of green house spread on a 300+ acre facility under the instructions of supervisors

  • Determined soil quality by sending samples to the lab to understand nutrients, moisture retention percentage and pest isolation

  • Learned methods to plant, cultivate and harvest plants in horticulture section including flowering plants and shrubs


  • Bachelor of Science in Botany

    Ohio State University, Columbus, OH



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