Biology resume template

biology resume template

Download biologist resume template and customize it

So that your application as a biologist meets all expectations, we provide you with a suitable resume template.


Are you looking for a resume template as a biologist? If you would like to apply for a new position and are unsure what your application should look like, you have reached the right place.

The work of biologists cannot be described in a few words. The possible fields of activity are too different for that. In addition to working as a teacher, it is possible, for example, to work in the field of research. There, in turn, numerous possibilities for specializing in certain areas, such as microbiology or genetic engineering, are conceivable.

How to write a biologist resume?

This is how you score with your application documents

The sooner your application documents meet the usual formal requirements and the more you make sure that the content is convincing, the more shortly you will receive an invitation for an interview from your future employer.

When creating, pay attention to the form and try to score points in terms of content. Aside from your cover letter, you have the opportunity to do so, especially on your resume. A good resume naturally contains mandatory information such as address and name. Furthermore, information about your training is just as necessary as a list of your previous positions.

To recommend yourself for the desired position, it is also advisable that you go into more detail about your professional knowledge. For example, list your experiences in the fields of microbiology, biochemistry, and botany. The more relevant skills you can demonstrate, the more attractive you are for your potential employer.

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