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Career Objective:

Candidate with a Master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences and thorough working experience towards implementation of behavioral interventions for problems associated with children, seeks to work as a behavioral aide in a leading health care organization.

Professional Skills:

  • Ability to design and implement behavioral intervention strategies depending on the severity of behavioral problems with children
  • Ability to communicate and develop a rapport even with the most arrogant and violent patients
  • Complete knowledge of first aid and CPR for children and other basic treatments and actions for emergency situations
  • Adaptable to work in uneven shifts and prolonged periods of time to fulfill job responsibilities
  • Willing to travel and learn new techniques to fulfill job requirements

Employment History:

Behavioral Aide at Nurture Resort, Seattle since May 2013

Job responsibilities as a Behavioral Aide:

  • Interacting with the parents and children visiting the resort and conducting home visits to understand behavioral problems of the children
  • Developing rapport with the affected child to assess reasons of behavioral imbalance
  • Devising and implementing recreational activities and encourage the children to participate in the activity
  • Monitoring student progress and providing additional counseling in case there is little or no progress in child’s behavior
  • Escalating the issues to seniors in case there is no progress for six months in the child’s behavior
  • Maintaining reports, documents and storing the files

Behavioral Aide at St Michael Health Care Foundation, Seattle from September 2011 to April 2013

Job responsibilities as a Behavioral Aide:

  • Visited homes and hospitals and analyzed behavioral problems in children
  • Conducted one-to-one sessions with parents, child, and other family members
  • Associated with the Senior Counselor and developed strategies for implementation
  • Developed optional strategies if the existing strategies do not work
  • Assisted in different drug rehabilitation programs organized by Government and Non-Government organizations

Academic Qualifications and Certifications

  • Degree: Master’s Degree in Behavioral Sciences
    Year: 2010
    University: Washington University of Psychology

  • Degree: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
    Year: 2008
    University: Washington University of Psychology


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