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Career Objective:

I am perfect at making bakery products and seeking for a position of baker where I can use my previous baking experience.


  • Excellent knowledge of baking including the baking time, methods of mixing, temperatures, flavors, shortenings and maintenance of bakery equipments
  • Able to observe sufficient precautions of safety
  • Very good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Able to operate bakery equipment and to maintain the required production
  • Able to bake in large scale with the knowledge of modern bakery equipments
  • Able to work under high temperature

Work History:

Lafayette Patisserie, West Lafayette, IN

Worked as Baker


  • Did the mixing and baking of ingredients according to recipes to produce bakery products such as breads, pastries, cakes, and many others
  • Responsible for baking goods for use of sales as specialty baked product
  • Done measurement of flour and other ingredients for preparation of dough, batters, fillings and icings with the help of graduated containers and scale
  • Placed the dough in pans, molds and on sheets and baking dough on grill and in oven
  • Dump the ingredients into mixing machine steam and bowl kettle and allow it to cook according to specific instructions
  • Used spatula and brush to apply the icing and grace
  • Done rolling and cutting of dough to giver proper shape to the food item
  • Responsible for observing and adjusting the temperature of the oven during baking process
  • Developed various new recipes for icing and cakes

Helida Foods Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Worked as Apprentice Baker


  • Responsible for checking all the equipments for safety and health regulations
  • Mixing of dough has done with machine or with hand
  • Responsible for loading tins and trays into ovens
  • Keep an eye on the temperature during baking process
  • Unload the trays after bake of bread, took it out and put aside to cool
  • Decorate it with cream and icing
  • Responsible for operating machines of icing and slicing
  • Ordered wrapping and slicing machines
  • Responsible for serving customers


High School Diploma, Boston


Pitter Alex

Lafayette Patisserie, West Lafayette, IN

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