Associate Recruiter Resume

Work Experiences

Job Title: Employee Recruiter

Company: Garcia Recruitment Company
Tenure: 2008 – 2009




  • Looking after the staff requirements and taking effective steps by following the specifications of the organization
  • Entering and maintaining important information about clients, customer, employees, and job applicants in the authorized databased provided by the organization
  • Contacting the job applicants and arranging the interviews after properly analyzing their profiles and the essential credentials
  • Examining the job applications of the candidates and sorting out the most applicable ones as per the requirements of the job
  • Conducting interviews of the job candidates, selecting them, and preparing them for the remaining rounds of interview by providing useful information about the recruitment procedures

Job Title: Hiring Associate

Company: JGH Services Pvt. Ltd.

Tenure: 2009-2010




  • Giving information about the employment rules, policies, regulations, salary structure, employment perks, incentives, employment facilities and services, employment conditions, working atmosphere, work responsibilities, and other related information to the existing and potential employees
  • Keeping a regular check over the requirements of the staff members by coordinating with the departmental heads and human resource management team
  • Working as a liaison between the staff members and administration group by managing all the employment issues and dealing with the work related queries
  • Preparing and accumulating the records that are pertinent to employee absenteeism, performance at work, appraisals, promotions, salary hikes, and behavior or attitude of all the employees, including the management team, besides maintaining the transfer and hiring records of the staff members of various departments in the organization

Job Title: Associate Recruiter

Company: Jubilee Services Incorporation

Tenure: 2010 – 2011




  • Providing assistance for designing peculiar projects such as employee awards, employee recognition, pay equity, day care, company profile and introduction, and other important undertakings
  • Providing assistance in the recruitment procedures of the organization and taking accurate decisions related to recruitment in the absence of senior associates
  • Ensuring conformity with the legal employment policies and aiding the management in modifying the employment stipulations when required
  • Formulating crucial documents such as resignation acceptance letters, experience certificates, promotion letters, appointment certificates, acknowledgment letters, job offer letter, termination letter, and employee transfer letter
  • Taking feedback from the employees and the management personnel about the company infrastructure, policies, catering facilities, and work resources

Personal Information

Sex: Male

Birth Date: May 3, 1983

Nationality: American

Marital Status: Single

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