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Career Objective:

To gain an associate nursing position at “All Care Hospital,” to extend superior level of medical attention and services to the patients.

Summary of Skills:

  • Complete knowledge of patient care techniques and medical terminology

  • Skilled in taking vital signs and obtaining specimens for laboratory testing

  • Ability to assist patients in daily living activities

  • Skilled in feeding, grooming, and nursing patients

  • Excellent communication skills with an ability to interact and answers questions of patients’ relatives

  • Proficient in reading prescriptions, interpreting medical reports, and following instruction given by senior medical professionals

Work Experience:

Nursing Associate

We Care Hospital, Chattanooga, TN

October 2014 – Present

  • Helping patients to take bath, get dressed, have meal, and perform daily normal routine

  • Assisting patients to shift from their wheelchairs onto their beds or vice versa

  • Maintaining a good rapport with the patients and making them involved in some entertainment or relaxation activities, so as to keep them occupied and remain mentally or emotionally healthy

  • Reading the prescriptions and following the instructions provided by the doctors and administering the medications or vaccinations to the patients

  • Besides, helping them to purchase or partake the meals as per the prescribed diet plans

  • Looking after the transportation arrangements of the clients coming to visit the facility

  • Providing clients with productive assistance and companionship during their journey

  • Updating the records of the patients related to their personal information, health recovery progress, current health condition, etc.

Nursing Associate

Kinship Medical Infirmary, Chattanooga, TN

February 2013 – September 2014

  • Helped patients and their family members with apposite information on health care in various topics such as adjusting to infirmity or sickness, caring for babies and newborns, autonomous livelihood, preparing healthy food, etc.

  • Noted down the changes or progress in patients’ condition and informed the same to the doctors

  • Ensured that the patients are provided with round-the-clock care

  • Maintained patients’ confidentiality by keeping their information secret

  • Ensured regular execution of laundry and other related services for the patients

Associate Nurse

Tender Care Medical Facility, Chattanooga, TN

August 2011 – January 2013

  • Attended regular briefing sessions at the start of the shift

  • Took a tour of the ward with the outgoing nurse to understand patients’ needs

  • Prepared accurate and exact reports or documents of the patients and presented them to the senior nurses or doctors

  • Ensured that the surroundings or nearby areas of the patients are sterilized, cleaned, and well-maintained

  • Followed the guiding principles, ordinances, and standards prescribed by the medical facility

  • Performed the work of administering oxygen, intravenous fluids, suctions, and catheters


  • Associate Degree in Nursing

    ABC University, Chattanooga, TN



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