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Career Objective:

To obtain a position of an associate broker in your brokerage firm and utilize my knowledge of real estate laws, local economies, and fair housing laws for the effective progress of the organization.

Key Skills and Proficiencies:

  • Expert conversational skills with the ability to convey information effectively

  • Active listening skills with the ability to effectively understand the customer requirements

  • Ability to make persuasions and change their minds or opinions

  • Adjusting self actions according to others in order to maintain professional relations

  • Ability to monitor self performance and take necessary corrective actions to make improvements

  • Expert in negotiating and trying to reconcile differences by bringing others together

  • Experienced in sales and marketing using various marketing strategies, sales techniques, and sales control systems

  • Assisting the customers accurately by meeting quality standards for services and guaranteeing customer satisfaction

  • Knowledge of real estate laws, local economies, and fair housing laws along with legal laws, court procedures, and other legal aspects


Associate Broker

Madison Real Estate Group

Oklahoma City, Tucson, AZ

2012 – present

  • Solicit clients to rent, sell, and buy properties

  • Assist broker in finalizing the property transactions

  • Educating clients regarding various properties and assisting them on prices, mortgages, and market conditions

  • Analyzing and comparing different properties in order to determine competitive market price

  • Maintaining a list of properties to be sold along with their location, cost, and features

  • Promoting the properties to be sold through advertisings, listing services, and open houses

  • Showing the properties to the buyers and renters

  • Presenting the purchase offers to the sellers for consideration

  • Negotiating between buyers and sellers

  • Ensuring whether all the terms of the contract are met according to the real estate laws and regulations

  • Preparing various documents such as loyalty contracts, deeds, and purchase agreements

Associate Broker

Century Real Estate Group, Tucson, AZ

2009 – 2012

  • Searched new clients through various resources and maintained a detailed record of clients

  • Set up meetings with clients and demonstrated different properties to them

  • Interacted with clients regarding various current and upcoming projects and properties and educating them with all the necessary information

  • Collected the information from the sellers regarding the properties to be sold or placed on lease

  • Prepared and updated all the records consisting of contract details, expense records, and client details

  • Checked the documents essential for signing any real estate contracts

  • Ensured that all the contracts are signed according to the real estate laws or the laws prescribed by the government

  • Analyzed and found out the rates of projects launched by the competitors

Associate Broker

Action Real Estate Agency, Tucson, AZ

2008 – 2009

  • Developed successful marketing plans and helped the property owners to sell their properties

  • Interacted with the buyers and sellers regarding the property costs, mortgages, and features of the property

  • Closed transactions successfully, and supervised agents who handled the real estate transactions

  • Ensured the properties met all the environmental constraints and regulations as applicable

  • Monitored the contracts and saw to it that they are handled in a timely manner

  • Ensured that the loan officers, attorneys, and other officers complete the work properly

Educational Qualification:

Bachelor’s in Real Estate

University of Oklahoma, 2008

High School Diploma

Oklahoma City High School, 2005


On request.