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Career Objective:

To excel in the law field by utilizing my knowledge of civil laws and managing clients litigation cases with sincerity, and honesty by working as an associate attorney with your esteemed law firm.

Summary of Skills

  • Strong analytical, logical reasoning, communication, interpersonal,and research skills

  • Thorough knowledge of civil law codes with excellent report drafting skills

  • Strong negotiation skills to resolve dispute on behalf of clients

  • Good exposure of representing clients in civil courts

  • Adept at isolating facts from legal issues, applying the law, and drawing conclusions

  • Ability to apply common sense and solve problems

  • Excellent track record of inspiring confidence in clients and working for their interest as well as the firm’s

  • Remarkable legal competency with research and project management skills

  • Skilled in presenting information in logical, clear, and concise manner

  • Strong knowledge of legal terminology, court proceedings, and keen listening skills

  • Sound legal research techniques and ability to quote citation

Work Experience

Associate Attorney

Jack and Daniel Inc., Hot Springs, AR

March 2018-Present

  • Working closely with clients and managing their litigation cases

  • Negotiating legal disputes on behalf of clients and resolving matters outside court

  • Performing thorough research for presenting cases and advising clients

  • Gathering strong evidence for supporting claims and drafting legal documents

  • Coordinating with senor associates and attorneys for meeting legal requirements

  • Assisting attorneys in filing and fighting cases for clients in civil courts

  • Maintaining clients relationships and helping the firm in increasing revenue to 60% than the previous years by implementing transparency in work

  • Contributing in applying documentation process that is cutting time by 50%

Associate Attorney

Pigeon Group, Hot Springs, AR

July 2016-February 2018

  • Assisted attorney is presenting evidence during court hearings

  • Accompanied attorneys during court hearings and noted down important details of rival parties

  • Located and interviewed witnesses and collected ample evidences for supporting claims

  • Helped the firm in increasing the number of winning cases by 30%

  • Advised clients on how to and what to speak when called to the witness box

  • Reviewed, drafted, and renewed contracts for the clients

  • Interpreted laws specific to cases and prepared strong arguments

Associate Attorney

Goodwill Law Firm, Hot Springs, AR

February 2015-June 2016

  • Drafted legal documents for pleadings, declarations, motions, etc.

  • Organized and prepared for trials

  • Planned, developed, and coordinated case strategy and procedures with senior attorneys

  • Conducted thorough research for client-related matters

  • Prepared trial notebooks, and assisted principal attorneys with client cases

  • Drafted and file lawsuits, wills, appeal, deeds, and contract

  • Investigated pertinent laws, and negotiated settlements


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science

    ABC University, Hot Springs, AR


  • Licensed Attorney

    National Conference of Bar Examiners, Hot Springs, AR



On request.

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