Associate Analyst Resume

This is a sample of an associate analyst resume. An associate analyst is responsible for observing the requirements of jobs and collecting information from the organization’s currently working employees to analyze their requirements. He is also responsible for promoting the deserving employees of the organization. Suppose you want to become an associate analyst. You need to have a degree in business administration. This sample resume helps you in writing your resume.

This sample resume of an associate analyst will help you write a simple resume quickly and in an impressive manner. This resume sample of associate analyst highlights skills, experience, and objectives. You should write a good objective for your resume and include relevant skills in your resume.

Associate Analyst Resume Sample

567 GRD Street
958 HN 586
Phone no.: (738) 475-0964
E mail id: [email protected]

Career Objective

To seek the challenging position of associate analyst in an esteemed organization where my talent and experiences will be utilized.

Summary of Skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Leadership quality and good analytical skills.
  • Ability to conduct quality research and derive valid conclusions.
  • Knowledge of computer programs like MS Office, MS Excel, Power Point.
  • Good at interacting with employees and clients and understanding the requirements.
  • Creative and able to implement new technologies easily.

Educational Details

Masters’ degree in Business Administration Conbro Business School, Dakota University 20XX XX.XX%
Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration Conbro Business School, Dakota University 20XX XX.XX%

Professional experience

Currently working as an associate analyst in Technotegra Corp. since 5 years from 20XX

Job profile

  • Supporting the senior employees of the organization in decision-making and efficient recommendations.
  • Analyzing the market for improving the profit ratio of the company.
  • Analyzing the requirements of the job such as physical, mental and training requirements.
  • Writing summaries of the job description.
  • Reporting to the senior associates for implementing the new strategies.
  • Using advanced computing techniques for preparing optimized reports.

Worked as an associate analyst in Mappak Corp. for 1year from 20XX to 20XX

Job profile

  • Collecting data from the workers and analyzing it for understanding their requirements.
  • Assist in recruiting, selecting and promoting employees for the organization.
  • Preparing job specifications and giving suggestions for career advancement of the employees of the organization.
  • Prepare flowcharts and reports of the analysis conducted.
  • Guiding the new associate analysts.

Areas of Interest

  • Contributing in social causes and creating awareness of education amongst them.
  • Travelling in exotic places and hill stations.


  • Certificate of appreciation from Technotegra Corp. for giving proper suggestions for the recruitment and staff analysis.
  • Managed to handle a major project individually and gave satisfactory results.
  • Increased the sales of Mappak Corp. by 82% within 6 months.


Lila Murphy
Sr. Associate Analyst
CelLusouth TG Corp.
Phone no.: (999) 298-3760
E mail id: [email protected]

James Anderson
Mappak Corp.
Phone no.: (378) 274-0444
E mail id: [email protected]

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