Assembler Programmer Resume

Career Summary:

Self-motivated, hard-working, and talented ‘Assembler Programmer’ with over 5+ years of experience of writing code for the operating system. Sound knowledge of entire development life-cycle and capable of modifying existing programs to improve speed as well as performance. Adept in debugging, altering logic/syntax using apt commands, and preparing technical documents as necessary. Ability to work in a team using strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess sound knowledge of various assembly level instruction sets including ARM, Intel, PPC, and MIPS
  • Solid experience of writing compiler and interpreter programs using COBOL, Fortran, LISP, assembly language, and C
  • Capable of writing programs using instructions to input appropriate binary codes to machines for proper functioning of the operating system
  • In-depth understanding of microprocessors, operating systems, hardware design, and other internal components of machine, as well as good familiarity with compilers, interpreters, linkers, etc. used in executing programs
  • Ability to write/modify existing assembler programs to enhance speed, performance optimization, and ensure reliability of various computing devices
  • Expertise in working under pressure, and possess excellent problem-solving skills
  • Team player having solid organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:

Assembler Programmer
Webroot Software Inc., San Diego, CA
December 2017 – Present

  • Understanding clients’ requirements and writing assembly language programs using appropriate algorithms for optimizing speed as well as system performance
  • Studying the system architecture and modifying existing programs for compatibility with hardware
  • Developing simple as well as complicated assembly programs to convert high-level instructions into binary form, and executing them at machine level
  • Coordinating with the developer team to debug programs written by peers/interns for doing proper algorithm analysis, checking semantics and flow of control
  • Designing and coding short assembler programs for proper functioning of Central Processing Unit of systems
  • Providing assistance to system engineers for hardware design, functional test as well as in-circuit test of various devices
  • Developing and maintaining system level and application software programs using COBOL, Assembly Language Code or Java as required

Assembler Programmer (Junior)
Ambarella, San Diego, CA

March 2015 – November 2017

  • Regularly assessed company’s systems to customize both hardware and software
  • Performed hardware and software updates, including middleware and application programs
  • Coordinated with other programmers to write simple as well as complex programs to access registers, retrieve values/pointers from specific memory addresses using assembler language
  • Participated in team meetings with clients to understand their machine product, and wrote appropriate code for compiler
  • Implemented assembly language programs and coded access to read processor data by using special instructions
  • Developed appropriate assembly language programs to enable access as well as manipulate hardware as needed and addressed critical performance issues
  • Executed programs to ensure error-free results, and compiled specific code segments to remove syntax/ logical bugs as necessary


Programmer Intern
IBM, San Diego, CA
October 2013 – February 2015

  • Worked under the supervision of senior programmers to develop, test and deploy new features in existing products to facilitate project requirements
  • Participated in monthly team discussion sessions to assess feasibility of new application ideas, and assisted to prepare project development life-cycle plan
  • Collaborated with software engineers and system programmers to develop detailed basic understanding as well as hands-on experience of various microprocessors
  • Assisted in accurate documentation of different phases of SDLC, and prepared weekly technical reports for submitting project status to project manager
  • Developed basic modules of the project using various programming languages, including Fortran, COBOL, assembly code and 80386 microprocessors for proper execution
  • Performed debugging of assembly language programs written by peers to identify the errors, and corrected code syntax as and when needed
  • Translated complicated project requirements from high-level language to assembly language to improve efficiency and speed


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
    University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

  • High School Diploma – Degrassi High School
    San Diego, San Diego, CA


On request.

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