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Career Objective:

Innovative and articulate Artist Manager with over 7+ years of experience managing entertainment events. Adept at managing indoor and outdoor events, identifying young talent, and coordinating tours with excellent organization abilities. Strong networking, familiar with social media promotional strategies, and working knowledge about operational procedures, ticketing industry for organizing performances.

Summary of Skills:

  • Sound knowledge of the entertainment industry with respect to financial management, and public relations

  • Capable of scheduling entertainment events as per organizers’ demand

  • Ability to perform contract negotiation for projects with international clients using excellent communication skills

  • Strong visual and graphic sense with exceptional ability to create attractive sets for performance, or outdoor events to capture audience attention

  • In-depth information about taste of audience, and human behavior

  • Excellent in operations management, organization, and astute budgeting skills

  • Familiar with social media and digital marketing techniques

Work Experience:

Senior Artist Manager

Cloud Nine Artistic Company, Riverside, CA

May 2016 – Present

  • Maintaining a close relationship with tourist agency to find new opportunities for promotional events for the artists

  • Working with department heads for determining and coordinating tour activities for road artists by arranging promotions including radio chat show, online video uploads, and social media page

  • Overseeing promotional events, and scheduling tour plans for artists associated with the firm, and finalizing their contracts

  • Collaborating with department head to manage every minute details of approved promo tours

  • Creating an optimal environment for growth of artists by understanding capabilities, and encouraging participation in the advancement of the talent/craft by giving free access to practice in studio 24×7

  • Developing and maintaining good relations with high schools to identify emerging talent, and providing appropriate training

Artist Manager (part-time)

Warner Music Group, Riverside, CA

November 2014 – April 2016

  • Built and maintained strong relationships with sponsors for international festivals, charity events, and talent management companies

  • Hired and collaborated with graphic designers to create musical album, and promotional art materials for effective advertisement prior and after the event

  • Worked with head of post-production department for live shows to cast artists

  • Organized and coordinated musical events involving famous pop stars by supervising the installation of LED screens, and lighting arrangement to offer the viewers superior image quality, and a rich experience

  • Collaborated with post-production team to identify medium and long-term improvement factors for novice artists, and pipelined it in training structure

  • Conducted a bi-weekly discussion with budding artists to guide, and discuss long-term career goals

Associate Artist Manager

Warner Music Group, Riverside, CA

August 2012 – October 2014

  • Conducted auditions for background artists, and helped to identify upcoming talent by giving them initial breaks for small segment performances

  • Developed contracts for part-time artists, and granted commissions depending on the size of the audience for the events

  • Maintained a record of the events conducted, and kept healthy relationship with all artists for future performances

  • Collected fees from spectators by instructing team to arrange digital/paper tickets through online payment or cash

  • Collaborated with the marketing team to ensure comfort, and ease of performing artists by setting up cab/taxi for pickup or drop, food, necessary instruments, and other required services

Executive Assistant

Lytro Creations, Riverside, CA

July 2010 – July 2012

  • Conducted demographic research to identify the type of audience, and taste before scheduling music events

  • Coordinated the calendar of popular music artists associated with the company, and planned the shows for a month

  • Helped raise $10M for cancer patients by conducting charity events in 3 months by organizing musical plays on weekends

  • Collaborated with the marketing team, and assisted in advance ticket booking to achieve the sales target

  • Participated in monthly meetings to discuss budget, event plan, and audience feedback to improve shows

  • Coordinated with other firms to present musical dramas, theater performances by renowned artists and increased revenue by 40%


  • Master’s Degree in Marketing & Finance

    University of California, Riverside, CA


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts

    University of California, Riverside, CA



On request.

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