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Career Objective:

To acquire the position of an army intelligence analyst and utilize my knowledge and analytical skills for serving the nation honestly and sincerely.

Key Skills:

  • Strong knowledge in army procedures, political science, regional geography and general knowledge
  • Emphasis on serving the organization and nation honestly, dedicatedly and sincerely
  • Expert in data research, analysis, compilation and extraction techniques
  • Highly capable in intelligence activities of surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) Synchronization process

Work Summary:

Army Intelligence Analyst

United States Army, New York


  • Provide intelligence support to army officers as per their needs, situations or emergencies
  • Study the strategies, tactics and policies adopted by the army and prepare reports with detailed dissections and explanations concerning the effectiveness of the proposed strategies
  • Gather information from different sources and verify the collected data for accuracy and reliability
  • Perform encoding and decoding of data efficiently to safeguard data from alterations, interception and miscommunication

Army Intelligence Support Analyst

United States Army, Washington


  • Assist the Chief Army intelligence analyst in performing their tasks efficiently
  • Conduct up gradation of technologies used for communication, analysis and data management to improve efficiency levels
  • Keep track on enemy activities to identify their plans, vulnerabilities and capacities and alert in case of any probable threats, problems or attacks on national security
  • Prepare sound strategies and policies for meeting national emergencies successfully. Ensure availability of required resources for the same.
  • Keep the organization updated about the newly launched armaments and equipment along with the details about their price, features, effectiveness and suitability

Educational Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Intelligence Analysis
    University of New York, 2010

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
    University of New York, 2008

Technical Competence

  • Proficient in using the work related analytical tools, communication devices, coding/decoding software, database management technologies etc.

Language Competence

  • English
  • German
  • Chinese


Will be provide on request.