Animal trainer Resume

Job objective:

Passionate and dedicated animal training professional with over 5+ years of experience in the field, looking forward to obtaining a challenging job where I can apply my knowledge to impart training and care for animals along with the team.

Summary of Skills:

  • Exceptional knowledge about animal behavior and in-depth information about various veterinary medical equipment

  • Ability to conduct group or private classes to teach obedience techniques to aggressive animals

  • Good at identifying risky situations, and moving people to safe zones to control stray animals

  • Aware about federal animal welfare laws, and promoter of animal rights

  • Ability to develop good relationships with clients

  • Flexible, good communicator, and capable of working in harsh surroundings

  • Strong organizational, and time management skills

Work Experience:

Senior Animal Trainer

Friends with Paws Incorporation, Los Angeles, CA

May 2016 – Present

  • Providing training to dogs, dolphins, monkeys, and other people-friendly animals

  • Organizing interactive sessions with news reporters

  • Encouraging guests to touch, communicate with horses, and go for short rides while taking full care of their safety

  • Training new born animals, and dogs bought to the center on obeying orders, and giving performance for entertaining people

  • Assisting veterinary doctors in providing medication, and treatment to injured animals like lions, tigers, horses, and others

  • Training multiple animals to interact with each other, and organizing entertainment shows for children on weekends

  • Supervising entry-level, mid-level trainers in animal training department, and teaching them tricks to control aggressive behavior

  • Performing routine check-ups on animals to analyze their health conditions, and diagnose medical issues in time

Animal Trainer

Christmont Animal Training School, Los Angeles, CA

December 2014 – April 2016

  • Trained 10+ dolphins at state’s aquarium center to interact with visitors

  • Ensured safety of guests, public visitors, and children during visits to zoos, theme parks, and helped them interact with animals from a safe distance

  • Worked with animals on implementation of new behavior to develop friendly behavior, and ensured safety of people around them

  • Provided training to different animals like dogs, tigers, elephants to create entertainment acts for circus

  • Gave in-home training and informed familes about precautions to be taken for adopting pets for the first time

  • Conducted entertainment programs with different animals at various parks, and responded to special requests by guests

  • Took responsibility to train security dogs for detecting bomb explosives, grenades, and other harmful materials to assist the police department


Assistant Animal Care Provider

Animal Humane Society, Los Angeles, CA

August 2012 – November 2014

  • Groomed 20+ dogs of multiple breeds, and maintained their diet routines, exercise schedules, and play time

  • Assessed animals brought to the shelter to determine their health conditions, and coordinated with veterinary doctors for treating sick animals

  • Collaborated with other volunteers to keep cages, sleeping units, and grooming zones sanitized

  • Interacted with pets, and stray animals to help them get used to shelter home surrounding, and trained them using different signs or commands

  • Followed owners’ instructions for their pets’ diet, and taught obedience to pups, kittens, mules, and other animals

  • Provided training to pets to assist people with disability, and protect apartments from burglaries

  • Understood characteristics of multiple breeds, and learned techniques to control aggressive animals


  • Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology – California State University

    Los Angeles, Ca 90032


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Psychology

    California State University, Los Angeles, CA



  • NACA Certified Animal Controller, 2012


  • Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles

    Member since 2012


On request.