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Career Objective:

Motivated, experienced, and professional ‘Analyst Programmer’ seeking a senior position within an organization to use my knowledge and expertise for ensuring provision of upgraded and quality software to the clients as well as build long-lasting healthy relationships with them.

Summary of Skills:

  • Possess sound knowledge of C++, Java, SQL, Python, PHP, and others

  • Adept at meeting client business requirements, performing analysis to determine the cost, and feasibility of the product, and completing them within deadline

  • Ability to coordinate with programming and testing team to modify existing software as well as develop new ones according to client requirements

  • Expertise in designing, coding and testing original software as well as customizing software purchased from vendors

  • Adept in attending technological seminars as well as professional events to stay abreast with the latest technologies, and give suggestions to incorporate them for company’s products

  • Team player with exceptional analytical skills, and problem-solving approach

  • Possess excellent organizational and communication skills

Work Experience:

Analyst Programmer

Valley Tech Force, Minneapolis, MN

May 2017 – Present

  • Manipulating and analyzing large data sets to get answers for complicated business questions as well as documenting results

  • Ensuring end products meet clients’ specifications, and needs

  • Coordinating with the software team to implement small changes to evolve the existing products as well as helping in redesigning and enhancing programs

  • Overseeing multiple aspects of small as well as large scale projects, reviewing clients’ requests for new modifications, and recommending them to the core team as necessary

  • Attending client discussions to understand/learn about their current systems and software applications as well as unmet needs during design phase to provide quality services, and for getting maximum satisfaction

  • Working with testing and programming team during debugging of newly developed software, and ensuring it delivers appropriate output as well as meets client needs

  • Managing projects for new requests or enhancement by evaluating them to determine project cost, timeline, goals as well as feasibility throughout the SDLC

Junior Analyst Programmer

Pioneer Electronics, Minneapolis, MN

December 2015 – April 2017

  • Developed and maintained applications and databases by evaluating client needs, analyzed requirements, and created accurate reports for the software team

  • Applied system analyst techniques and procedures, including consulting with clients to determine hardware, software or functional specifications

  • Interacted with the lead analyst programmers to determine clients’ needs, and assisted to design system that satisfies requirements

  • Researched and corrected errors in existing application programs, and assisted to perform approved modifications in existing code to enhance applications

  • Performed system analysis and communicated programming code requirements described in project plans to meet design specifications as well as customer requirements

  • Completed application modifications to enhance functionality, adapt to technology changes, and to correct application errors

  • Attended professional seminars/events to stay updated and informed about the latest developments as well as technologies


Analyst Programmer (Entry level)

Dorsey Software, Minneapolis, MN

August 2013 – November 2015

  • Collaborated with the team to develop program logic for new applications as well as analyzed, and modified logic in existing applications

  • Attended client meetings to understand client needs as well as analyzed requirements, and translated business requirements into product designs

  • Wrote and contributed programming segments in different programming languages to large scale projects under the supervision of higher level analyst programmer

  • Coordinated with the team to ensure completion of projects within deadline, and participated in component and data architecture design, performance monitoring, product evaluation as well as buy vs. build recommendations

  • Created reports from transaction data, performed business analysis, and developed application or tools to support the business processes

  • Assisted in the maintenance and enhancement of small to medium size custom programs to facilitate business processes of the company

  • Wrote technical specifications and other forms of documentation for the software product like user manuals by consulting with the team


  • Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN



On request.

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