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Career Objective:

To get an Admissions Director position with a state university and use my knowledge of reviewing curriculum and admissions policies to help students enroll in their choice of educational programs.

Summary of Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of admissions process and curriculum practiced by educational institutions

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and situation evaluation skills

  • Ability to guide students and monitor their progress

  • Skilled in decision making and selecting deserving candidates for scholarship and grants

  • Remarkable planning, organization, and coordination skills

  • Ability to understand and deliver students’ and academic needs

  • Adept in budget preparation and making policies

  • Proficient with desktop applications and Internet


Admissions Director

St. Helena’s High School, Beaverton, OR

2012 – present

  • Responsible for providing consolation, guidance and support to new students

  • Reviewing student’s files and transcripts

  • Performing evaluations, initial telephone and in-person screening

  • Coordinating and managing essential services for students

  • Supervising the orientation and enrollment activities

  • Developing admissions organizational strategies

  • Attracting students to the school by controlling and administering admissions policies

  • Promoting the school to make it reach distant places

Admissions Director Assistant

Circle Point College, Beaverton, OR

2009 – 2012

  • Evaluated trends and established admissions operational strategies

  • Developed admissions financial strategies by reviewing last five-year plan and forecasting

  • Helped to design and write the recruitment materials and newsletters for students

  • Reviewed curriculum and admissions policies and made changes to improve enrollment percentage

  • Reviewed students’ applications for scholarship and grants and took necessary action

  • Welcomed prospective and ensured they are provided with necessary facilities by the school


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education

Beaverton University, Beaverton, OR



Available upon request.