Administrative assistant resume objective example

administrative assistant resume objective example

As an administrative assistant, he has a wide range of responsibilities. For example, he speaks with clients on the phone, conducts correspondence, and makes business appointments. Based on the realm of the day-to-day tasks of an administrative assistant, a candidate for this position should have a competent resume objective. After reading it, the employer will understand that this person will work productively in the office, contributing to its prosperity.

How to get your administrative assistant resume objective noticed by employers?

To be truly effective, your resume should include the following information:

  • Information about the education received;
  • Data on existing work experience;
  • Skills relevant to work in the office;
  • Personal qualities are useful for successful work.

In other words, the job seeker for the administrative assistant position will have to write the resume objective so that HR specialists would want to schedule him a personal meeting and make sure that this is the person they would like to see in their team professionals. That said, it is not enough to communicate in the resume objective that you have the skills typical of an administrative assistant. Instead, it is recommended to declare those useful personal skills that will distinguish the applicant from his competitors favorably.

Customize these outstanding resume objectives: 5 examples submitted by an administrative assistant

As a resume, the applicant composes a voluminous text reflecting the totality of professional skills, information about previous employment, and existing qualifications. A resume objective is an announcement that concisely presents information about a candidate for a vacant position. There is a simple way to draw the employer’s attention to the personality of a particular applicant: he must mention in the resume objective the name of the organization to which the documents for employment are sent.

For those who have difficulties with the design of the resume objective, we offer several templates that you can focus on:

Expecting to apply at QWE Company to the unique experience of successful solutions of administrative issues, the accuracy and accuracy of correspondence, the skills of positive communication with clients in person and by phone, which I have accumulated over five years as an administrative assistant.
A motivated, client-oriented administrative assistant is looking for a job at QWE Company to apply accounting skills, the ability to work with relevant computer programs for accounting, punctuality, and exactness in record keeping.
Obtain a position as a senior administrative assistant to help QWE Company operate successfully in the entertainment industry, to provide its operations with a high level of administrative support.
Looking for an administrative assistant position to help develop the priority areas of QWE’s Company activities. I intend to use my strong computer skills for the benefit of the common cause.
Searching forward to a job with QWE Company, which will allow me to apply my effective work experience as an administrative assistant in insurance. I am ready to demonstrate a high level of self-discipline and creatively solve assigned tasks in the workplace daily.

Key skills: How to write a resume objective for an administrative assistant?

Today, even the least promising vacancies are not available to the applicant if he does not have a well-written resume. HR professionals insist that an entry-level position for an administrative assistant also requires qualities that determine the effectiveness of an office worker. Therefore, they should be reflected in the professional profile first.

A person aspiring to the administrative assistant position should indicate in the resume statement useful, practical skills that will be 100% applicable in the workplace. The administrative assistant will have to demonstrate the ability to handle office equipment every day. Also, he cannot do without possession of computer programs that allow him to process text. Hiring managers will be interested in a resume objective that combines communication skills with strong technical skills.

Here’s an example of how you can successfully combine technical and communication skills in an administrative assistant resume objective:

  • Ability to work with office applications for Windows;
  • Skills of positive communication with clients;
  • Knowledge of the features of the accreditation and licensing Procedure of institutions;
  • Punctuality and accuracy;
  • Perfect command of tools for filling out spreadsheets and working with documents;
  • Stress tolerance;
  • Knowledge of the basics of accounting and the ability to make accurate calculations;
  • The ability to regulate conflict situations;
  • Speed typing skill;
  • Ability to work effectively in a team;
  • Experience in taking minutes of meetings;
  • The ability to successfully cope with several tasks in one period of time.

The resume objective of an administrative assistant, formulated in this way, speaks of the professional suitability of the candidate for the position, indicates that he has actual work experience. A potential employer wants to see purposeful people in his team with healthy ambitions and self-confidence. In the competition for a vacancy, the desired position often goes not to the most competent specialist but to the one who declared his professional and personal merits louder than others. Therefore, an individual aspiring to pursue a career as an administrative assistant should take advantage of the opportunity that a strong resume statement gives him.

Download administrative assistant resume template and customize it

Are you a professional administrative assistant but can’t seem to fit your achievements on your administrative assistant resume? Learn to impress hiring managers and show them that you’re capable of leading your job to excellence with our administrative assistant resume template and writing tips. Don’t miss the opportunity to stay one step ahead of your competitors applying for the vacant position. Modern resume design can attract the attention of an HR manager and focus on the most essential points needed. This is facilitated by a well-thought-out structure of the content of the resume.

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Administrative assistant resume objective example
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Administrative assistant resume objective example
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