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Career Objective:

To acquire the position of an acquisition analyst in an organization and help the organization in identifying and analyzing the real estate investment opportunities.

Key Skills:

  • Thorough knowledge in fields of finance, economics, investments and statistics
  • Expertise in data collection and evaluation techniques, tools related to real estate investment
  • Proficient in market research, estimation and forecasting methods
  • Exceptional analytical, interpretation and evaluation skills
  • Highly capable in managing interpersonal communication and coordination

Work Summary:

Acquisition Analyst

PQR Property Investors Inc, San Diego

Since January 2013


  • Act as an advisory and help the organization make sound decisions relating to investments in real estate
  • Assess the creditworthiness of the borrower and the expected appreciation rate of the property to judge the rate of return from the investment
  • Evaluate the property acquisition recommendations from legal, financial and resources availability perspective and judge the feasibility of the prospective investment
  • Ensure successful coordination between activities of the organization, investors, clients, real estate brokers and property developers

Acquisition Analyst Support

KLM Real Estate Consultants Inc, San Diego

October 2011 – December 2012


  • Support the investment decision making process of the organization by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed investment plans
  • Prepare various documents necessary for lawful acquisition of property or investments in real estate
  • Analyze the acquisition process currently into practice and point out the areas with scope for improvements
  • Keep track of the infrastructural development within the region and estimate the probable market behavior
  • Conduct inspection of the concerned property and its surrounding areas to prepare survey reports, based on the your observation


  • Member of Association of Real Estate Investors, San Diego

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance
    University of California, 2009

  • Diploma in Investment Management
    University of California, 2011


Will be provided on request.