How to prepare for an accounting interview?

How to prepare for an accounting interview

The professionals in the accounting field are known to be meticulous planners and methodical in their approach to their work. When it comes to interviews for this kind of job, it is usually how well prepared one is for an interview that will give the impression as to whether you are a professional or not. A well-prepared applicant will, in most cases, get placed by the interviewers well ahead of the other applicants. These are the ways and tips on how to be well prepared for an accounting job interview.


The evaluation of a potential employee will begin right from the moment they step into the interview room. Therefore, creating a favorable initial impression is what you should seek as you make the entry into the interview room.

The first thing that will achieve this is your business-like attire. Be formally dressed to look the part. You can be in a neat formal shirt, tie, and trouser ensemble for your interview and always wear a pleasant smile to hide any nervousness you may have while going for the interview. When you look smart and have a positive attitude, people will think that you are confident.


Don’t use any unclear words or phrases while framing your accountant resume. Your resume should be an introduction to your personality and subject knowledge and also one that speaks volumes of you in as few words as possible. During the interview, you can support your resume with to-the-point explanations. In the accounting resume, lay more emphasis on those aspects you can present your command over the subject. When you are precise, employers will take you as knowledgeable and who believes in addressing the issues at hand.


The employer will seek to hire only those who he believes are knowledgeable about the subject matter. During an accounting interview, it is expected that the things to be discussed will be related to the accounting subject. Show that you are familiar with the accounting jargon by using them severally during the interview, but the description should be such that it is crisp and at the same time impressive. While showing confidence, present your knowledge to the panelists and convince them that you are the candidate that is best suited for the job.

It is also essential that you show that you are familiar with the current financial scenario. By showing that you are knowledgeable of the situations around you, you get to impress the panel, which will boost your chances of being selected over the other candidates.

The final test

This final test is used to test your knowledge about accounting and finance and your past experiences. Go therefore to the interview room while prepared for a small talk on your previous employment. The Discussions that are bound to come up are about your work structure, pay package, good or bad experiences, reasons why you quit your earlier job. Don’t mouth talk to the company that you were previously working regarding any bad experiences you had while there, but rather be diplomatic and tell how that experience helped you grow as a person.

Other than these, professional accountants can employ a few more tips to aid them during the interview.

  • Don’t enter the interview room before you knock.
  • Greet all the panelists with a firm handshake and keep a warm smile all the while.
  • Maintain a good posture and body language.
  • First, listen attentively when a question is posed and then give a concise reply to the question. Avoid long and repetitive answers.
  • Ask intuitive questions to show your interest in the job and the organization.
  • At the end of the interview, gracefully thank the panelists for the meeting and ask about what to expect next.
  • Follow up formality after the interview by sending a thank you note to each panelist and mention your interest in being a part of their team within 24 hours of the interview.

Since your thinking process, logical reasoning, and analytical qualities will be put under the test, you must keep a sharp mind by making proper preparation before the interview. This will help eliminate any hiccups that may otherwise arise.

How to prepare for an accounting interview?
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How to prepare for an accounting interview?
These top accounting interview tips will show you how to prepare for an accounting interview and increase your likelihood of receiving an offer.
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