2D animator resume objective example

2D animator resume objective example

The tasks of a 2D Animator include creating characters and story scenes using a combination of traditional and computer graphics. Among the creative professions in demand today, the specialty of 2D Animators takes pride in place. For example, an artist with 2D animation skills can offer his services to companies in the advertising or gaming industry and create educational videos, cartoons, or anime.

A novice specialist has to write a killer resume to get a job and show their professional skills at work. A must-have component of an effective 2D animator resume is an objective statement. Its presence will draw the attention of a potential employer to the merits of the applicant. In addition, a well-written resume objective will help the 2D Animator show why he is interested in getting a job in a particular company.

How to get your 2D Animator resume objective noticed by employers

By formulating the resume objective, the job seeker is not only advertising their strengths. It allows the potential employer to understand the following:

  • On what conditions the 2D Animator is ready to work;
  • Is a team player or is used to working alone;
  • Which programs the specialist already knows how to work with, and which ones he has to master;
  • Whether the 2D Animator has drawing skills.

It would be advisable to indicate in the resume objective for personal interest in the field of animation in which the applicant intends to prove himself as a professional.

Customize these outstanding resume objectives: 5 examples submitted by 2D Animator

When formulating objectives for your resume, you should strive for brevity. But at the same time, the objective should be filled with useful information that favors the applicant. Here are some examples of how it is recommended to build an objective statement for an eye-catching resume:

I am a highly-skilled specialist in creating high-level animation, so I am ready to create high-quality game content as a 2D Animator for the XYZ company.
A 2D Animator with extensive experience is looking for a position at XYZ to realize his creative potential in the anime creation process.
I have seven years of experience as a 2D Animator and want to work for an XYZ design company to release relevant and high-quality products.
I am looking for a 2D Animator position at XYZ to successfully apply my existing storyboarding skills and Cartoon Animator 4 software knowledge.
I have professional skills in working with the OpenToonz software package and am ready to apply them successfully in XYZ as a 2D Animator.

These are the examples a potential 2D Animator can use when writing the objective of his resume.

Download 2D animator resume template and customize it

Landing your first 2d animation job is never easy. Show your future employer that you have essential hard and soft skills with our 2D animator resume template and writing tips. Remember that the primary purpose of a resume is to show itself to the future employer in the best possible way. Your resume should sell you as a top-notch 2D animation specialist. The recruiting manager should have no doubts about your candidacy. Your resume must be compelling and credible. The visual part of the resume design should also not be in the last place.

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2D animator resume objective example
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2D animator resume objective example
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